Bath Update Final Reveal!!

I’m so excited that this space is finally done!! It Mostly because we updated it in three phases. HAHA! Sometimes that the way budget decorating and renovating goes. You can either wait until you can do the whole thing, or you do small things along the way that get you to where you want to go…eventually. So, again, as a reminder, let’s see where we started.

Guest bathroom before

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Kids Bath Reno Phase 3 The Plan

I’m excited to share with y’all our next big project! Finishing the kids bath!! Or what I have affectionately named “Phase 3”. If you’ve been around here for a while then you’ve been here for Phase 1 and for Phase 2. I am so excited to be getting geared up for Phase 3!!
Kids Bath Reno Phase 3 Plan
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Breakfast Nook Update – Storage!

Hey there friends!! Even though our kitchen is a pretty decent size, the one thing we lack is a pantry. So,that means that our food has to be stored in cabinets in the kitchen. Not ideal, but it works. However, it does take away valuable storage for a lot of other things! For years I’ve considered the idea of adding some sort of storage in the corners of our breakfast “nook”, on either side of the large window. (I struggle with calling it a “nook” because it’s really a pretty big space, but it’s not a dining room, so what else do I call it?? haha) Here’s how it looked before at Valentine’s Day. 🙂
Breakfast nook before
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