I am a wife of one and a mother of four. My life is kinda crazy some days and I feel frazzled often. But, Jesus brings me JOY each and everyday in the little things.  I am blessed beyond measure. Jesus is the air that I breathe. I am so thankful for His salvation and His grace. Thankful that His mercies are new every morning, because boy do I need that.

My family is my life.  My hubby and I met in college at Oklahoma State University {GO POKES!!}. We have three sons and one daughter.  Everyone is into their own thing, which leaves my hubby and I running all over town at times.  But, we couldn’t imagine doing anything better with our time than cheering on our kids to become whatever, and whoever God desires them to be.

On this blog I write about a variety of things.  Really, whatever might hit my mood, my mind, or my heart that day I share. I’m easily distracted, so I hop around a lot.  But, it really all comes down to finding JOY in the frazzled day to day craziness, whether that be with my latest DIY project, craft, recipe or organizational tip!  

Really I just want to share with you grace and peace, the kind you can only get from a loving, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  I hope that through all the projects and tips that I share here, His light comes through.  I will be open and transparent, not because I want you to know all my business, but because I want you to see Him in me.  

I love to write and that is why I started this.  I hope you enjoy your visit to our little corner of the internet. Thanks for stopping by, stay awhile and pass the word on to your friends :).