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    Top 5 Things to Buy After Christmas

    Hey friends! I totally had on my calendar to do a post on the Christmas candy I made yesterday. But, I kept it pretty basic this year, meaning no new recipes, so you can catch that here in this post if you’re curious. 🙂 I’ve had several friends ask me what I buy after Christmas, so, instead I thought I would talk about that! What I shop for and where I shop. Some places might surprise you. 😉 I honestly like after-Christmas-clearance shopping more than black Friday shopping! No, really!!
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    Our Trip to Magnolia Market at The Silos

    Hey there friends! Last weekend we were able to check another thing off our bucket list! A visit to Magnolia Market at The Silos in Waco! If you’re a Fixer Upper fan then you might be a tad jealous (unless you’ve already been yourself), if you’re not then you might not know what I’m talking about. A few years back we visited their tiny store on Bosque street, and it was sweet and quaint and crowded. This store is about ten times the size, still sweet, and still crowded. Ha!! They have sweet workers everywhere ready to help you with anything you need, including snapping cute pictures for you so you don’t have to struggle with taking a selfie. (the struggle is real for us old people 😉 )
    miles to magnolia
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    My Top 5 Most Used Tools

    I am super excited to be spending the day Christmas shopping with my mom. How about you? Have you finished your shopping yet? Have you started?? Ha! Maybe you are shopping for a beginner DIYer. Some who loves to DIY, but might not have a ton of tools. That’s how I was in the beginning! If so, then today’s post is for you! Some of these things may already be in their garage, but I bet not everything! These are some of my favorite things that I use on a fairly regular basis!
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    Some Things on My Christmas List {and some things you might want on yours}

    Hey there friends!! It’s November!! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?? I am happy to report that we have!! We always, always, always plan to start early, but we never, ever do. Until this year!! I’m so happy that a couple of our most difficult people to find a gift for already have presents waiting in hiding!! Yay!
    Speaking of shopping, do you make lists for your significant others? (today we are talking wish lists, not to do lists 😉 ) When we were first married we did not. My hubby always wanted to pick something out himself. So sweet and thoughtful. And, he almost always did a great job. As the years have passed, he has decided that lists aren’t that bad and can actually be pretty helpful. I always make sure my kids create lengthy lists so that they don’t know what they might be getting and might not. And, I try really hard to get a list out of hubby. What is it with men – they never need or want anything (at least not the men in my life Ha!)