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    Favorite Things Christmas Gift Guide 2018

    Howdy friends! I think this might be a first for me! A Christmas gift guide! Well, I think I might have done a couple of small ones, but never one this big!! I’m super excited actually to be sharing with you! I honestly never think I have enough things to share that would make it worth your while, but this year I really put some thought into it and came up with a list of 15 of my favorite things in all different categories, and all different price points! I hope it is helpful and you find some good ideas! The bonus is I own 95% of these things, and the other 5% are recommended by friends (and are on my wish list). I don’t like to recommend things to you that I know nothing about!
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    A Few Things I’m Loving Lately

    Hey there everyone!! I have zero home decor or DIY things to share with you today. 🙁 We have been very busy as a family lately, and any work at home has been focused on the One Room Challenge. So today I thought I would share a few things with you that I’m loving lately.
    frazzled JOY Loves...
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    My Top 5 Most Used Tools

    I am super excited to be spending the day Christmas shopping with my mom. How about you? Have you finished your shopping yet? Have you started?? Ha! Maybe you are shopping for a beginner DIYer. Some who loves to DIY, but might not have a ton of tools. That’s how I was in the beginning! If so, then today’s post is for you! Some of these things may already be in their garage, but I bet not everything! These are some of my favorite things that I use on a fairly regular basis!
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    Some Things on My Christmas List {and some things you might want on yours}

    Hey there friends!! It’s November!! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?? I am happy to report that we have!! We always, always, always plan to start early, but we never, ever do. Until this year!! I’m so happy that a couple of our most difficult people to find a gift for already have presents waiting in hiding!! Yay!
    Speaking of shopping, do you make lists for your significant others? (today we are talking wish lists, not to do lists 😉 ) When we were first married we did not. My hubby always wanted to pick something out himself. So sweet and thoughtful. And, he almost always did a great job. As the years have passed, he has decided that lists aren’t that bad and can actually be pretty helpful. I always make sure my kids create lengthy lists so that they don’t know what they might be getting and might not. And, I try really hard to get a list out of hubby. What is it with men – they never need or want anything (at least not the men in my life Ha!)