Transition Is Just a Fancy Word For Change

Hey there friends! I just got back from a quick trip out to California to visit my son. I’m still trying to get back to reality and have been met with some super not so fun stuff (we had to have a guy come out to find a leak and fix it 🙁 ). Being in California with our oldest and his fiance, who made the trip with me, brought about all kinds of feels. So, please excuse me while I dump some of those on you today (I’ll throw in a few pics from my trip to make it pretty). Because, I find it therapeutic and maybe just maybe there is someone out there that is having some of the same feelings and will be encouraged to know that they are not alone!
transition is just a fancy word for change
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DIY 2×4 Upholstered Farmhouse Style Bench

Hey friends! I’m actually pretty excited about the project that I am sharing with you today! If this is your first time here, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see today! Stay for a while and look around! We have a lot of fun here creating beautiful, budget friendly, DIY projects! I have joined with 13 other talented DIYer’s to kick off the 2×4 and More week-long series hosted by the girls at Remodelaholic!

When the girls from Remodelaholic were looking for people to participate in their 2×4 and more challenge, I decided this would be a great way for us to get our feet wet in the world of furniture building. We’ve done plenty of building in our home, but never a freestanding furniture piece. But, now we have and I’m ready for the next project!

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High Five on Friday #8

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know how but Father’s Day really snuck up on me this year! I’m not prepared at all! The kiddos and I are going to be doing some shopping today! Hopefully you’re doing better than I am! Ha! I have some fun things to share with you today! So, I hope you’re ready for another edition of

High Five on Friday!

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