The Framing of the Vanity Mirror {the project that ate my lunch}

For a couple of years now I have been seeing, pinning, and reading posts from other bloggers on framing the large vanity mirrors from the 80s. Of which I have two.  All along I thought – simple, inexpensive, DIY update.  

And then this past week I decided to give it a go. I picked out my trim, cut the trim, finished the trim, and prepared to hang the trim.  Duh, duh, duh.  In no way could I have prepared myself for the peril and frustration that was awaiting me!!

Let me just start by saying, I am not afraid to DIY anything!  I will try just about anything completely on my own.  However, you must know, that often times, I am coming up with solutions for unforeseen problems all. along. the. way.  And this time was one of those times.  

So, let’s start at the start.  (Terrible lighting in this room + inexperienced photographer = not so good pics, but I tried.)

And, yes if you’re new here, our master bathroom vanity area is open to our master bedroom.  

I decided that in all the light colored surroundings in this area, I wanted to stain the trim with a dark stain rather than painting it.   So, I did that.  My go to staining supplies.

I prefer to apply stain with a rag rather than a brush.  I just feel like I have more control as to how much is going on and how quickly it’s coming off.  Definitely a must for this method is gloves!!  This is what the gloves looked like after, and what my fingers looked like from forgetting the gloves at first. ūüėČ

Then it was time to attach the trim to the mirror/wall.  And time for the madness…. Most of the tutorials that I referenced constructed the frame before adhering it to the mirror, but considering the crooked mirror and the crooked walls surrounding the mirror I didn’t think that would be the best for my application.  If you are able, I would recommend assembling the frame first, as shown in this tutorial.

As I mentioned – crooked mirror – I discovered was that the mirror was about 1/4″ off of being centered on the wall. Annoying considering I was planning on the trim going all the way from the edge of the mirror to the corner of the wall.  Also, I had not considered the depth of the mirror when planning how to attach the trim to the wall. In my experience with trim, I have used liquid nails to adhere it to the surface, which I have been very successful with. However, I have never used trim this large, nor on an uneven surface. Puzzle #1.  My (partial) solution:

Yes, those are paint sticks…  I needed something that was a similar depth as the mirror to give me a surface the glue to adhere the trim to, and these fit the bill, and I didn’t have to go back to the store. Puzzle #2 came to light when I tried to hold the pieces in place to dry with my usual method – painter’s tape – the trim was too heavy for that…so I had to use some finishing nails.  Which was fine.  The glue will be what holds the pieces in place for good, I just needed something other than myself to hold them in place until the glue dried!!

You can’t see from this picture well, but this was after about an hour and a half of sweating trying to get this dumb trim to do what I wanted. Something I expected to take about 45 minutes!!

So, I let it rest until the next day and then I added another small piece of trim to the inside – which was necessary to solve the first problem of the 1/4″ off-center.  

Here it is in all it’s glory after all the blood, sweat, and tears, and angry growls!!

And, yes, that is my unmade bed in the reflection!!  Keepin’ it real friends!!  I don’t know about you, but when I am victorious over a project that has eaten my lunch, making my bed is not my first priority!!  HA!!  I really love how it turned out!  ūüôā

I am sharing this with you more as an encouragement than a tutorial.  Than are far better tutorials out there like this one.  But, I want you to know and understand that just because it’s easy peasy for one person, doesn’t mean it’s going to be for you.  BUT…that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it!!  I blog about projects to show that you don’t have to be trained to do some simple updates around your house.  You don’t have to pay professionals to do things for you.  Have fun!!  Dive in head-first.  Don’t worry about things going wrong – because most likely they will!!  But, that’s why God gave us a brain – to figure things out!!  Decorating and DIY is an adventure for me, and I love trying new things. And, in the end, I find myself standing back and gazing in shock that I actually did that!!  Cool!!

So, now it’s your turn!!  Go out and DIY today!! If I can do it, you can do it!!

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Cabinet Door Pull Makeover

There is a new project going on over here (surprise I know)!!  Our master bath is getting some more love. ūüôā  I decided to makeover the vanity area, finally.  I wanted to update the cabinet door pulls.  I thought about buying new, but then I decided I could make the old look like new for a fraction of the cost.

Here is the finished product :)!!  Aren’t they perfect??  

When I was out shopping around for possible replacements, I spotted these at Hobby Lobby.  

And it was then that I knew I could do this myself with the pulls I already had.

Here is where I started.  

The bottom is before and the top is after I spray painted them with Rustoleum’s satin nickel. (same color I used on the lamps in the master bedroom) I bought the one that is paint + primer and I love it.  It coats so well and it has such a great finish.  I chose the satin nickel to match the other fixtures is the bathroom area.

After giving them a coat of paint,

I simply wrapped jute around the middle of the pull, gluing here and there to make it secure. I decided I wanted to mimic the pattern I made on the lamps in my master bedroom redo.

And ended up with this look.

And here is a sneak peek of them on the vanity.  ūüôā

Fun, casual, and a hint of beachy!!  Looovvveee!!!
A few more things to finish up for this quick and budget friendly makeover before I share it all!!

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DIY Chevron Backdrop

Okay, so like a week ago I shared with you my burlap wreath.  And, my frustration over how well it blended in with the brick.  I was so bummed and had hit a brick wall {ha!}.  Then, as I walking in the back yard, I spotted this.
This was our attempt at building a “door” for our small shed to keep the dog out. ¬†It never stayed together the way we intended, the dog ran away :(, and we took it down. ¬†I asked my husband not to throw it out last summer because “I might use it”… and here it has sat since then. ¬†{have I mentioned our back yard needs lots of work?}
So, I started in tearing it apart.
And then cutting it up. ¬†I decided I didn’t really want it that long, so I thought I would cut the pickets in half. ¬†But, then I didn’t want only one end to have the points, so I decided to cut those off too. ¬†And then I put it back together using the same 1×2’s to anchor the pieces together.
Remember this wood wasn’t perfect to begin with and it had been sitting outside for months through all the elements. ¬†Perfectly imperfect!!
I had grand plans for this piece.  I love the look of chevron and you remember I shared this picture with you.  
source: MadeByGirl
So….I read several tutorials on how to make chevron stripes and finally thought I had it figured out….sorta.
For the background color, I used the white paint that I used to paint my built-ins, and doors for a cohesive look that I might be able to use year around. ¬†Remember, I’m not worried about it being perfect so I just slapped the paint on there, not bothering with the holes, or getting complete coverage. ¬†
Then for the chevron design. ¬†I’m so not one for measuring more than necessary so I decided to use the planks for the vertical lines and use a yard stick for the horizontal lines. ¬†Honestly I wasn’t sure how wide I wanted the stripes to be. ¬†I’ve told you before I’m a VERY visual person. ¬†So I decided to just use the width of the yardstick to make horizontal lines across the whole piece. ¬†I would decide after which ones to use.¬†
Then I brought out the tape and starting making the angles. ¬†Simply choose how many “rectangles” wide you want the stripe to be and how many “planks” long you want the stripe to be and you have your angle. ¬†Okay – seriously – I was majorly winging it. ¬†ūüôā ¬†The taping part can get a little tricky – don’t get in too big of a hurry. ¬†I’m soooo impatient so yes this was hard for me, but luckily it was a small piece. ¬†The big spaces are where you will paint, and the small spaces will stay the original color. ¬†Make sure you press down the edges of the tape to prevent the paint from seeping under.
I decided to use the wall color that I used in my living room, again to achieve a cohesive look. ¬†Again, not worried about perfection, {but not wanting the paint to bleed under the tape} I painted on a fairly light coat. ¬†By the time I got to the end of the board I was almost giddy!! ¬†I couldn’t wait to pull the tape…
so I didn’t!!! ¬†Look at the finished product!!
It is exactly how I envisioned!!  

I was left with quite a few pencil lines on the white paint.  

Nothing that a damp rag won’t remove, especially if you make your lines as light as possible.

Now, it is fairly heavy so I plan on mounting a nice picture hanger wire to the back.  My hubby had installed a screw into the brick years ago for me to hang things on.  Then I will use a command hook on the board to be able to hang things {like my wreath} on the front of the board.  Perfect imperfection!!  LOVE!! 

This will give you an idea of what it will look like.

I hope to get my mantel spruced up sometime this week, so I can share with you the complete look. ¬†But, let’s get real folks – it’s spring break ;)!!

Blessings to you and yours!!

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Burlap Wreath {Spring Craftiness}

Well, it’s March and I finally took down my Valentine’s decor this weekend :). ¬†I have several projects that I have pinned that I wanted to craft for the spring. ¬†I’m pretty sure these were there last year and I never got to them, so I was determined to at least get to one or two. ¬†One of my favs are those cute burlap wreaths I have seen out in blog-land thanks to pinterest. ¬†(I’m a pinterest addict – at least I can admit it.) ¬†So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought my supplies. ¬†Thankfully the ribbon was on sale 50% off. ¬†As I’ve said before, I try not to buy many things at HL at full price because if you wait a week it will be on sale!
burlap wreath supplies
Then I checked out several of my pins to see how they went about making this cute.  There are two or three methods that I found and I tried a couple but this one was by far my favorite and pretty easy really.  Follow the link to Top This Top That and check out her tutorial.  
burlap wreath tutorial from top this top that
source: Top This Top That
All that is involved is weaving the burlap ribbon in and out of the metal frame. ¬†Easy peasy – yes!! ¬†The best thing is it doesn’t have to be perfect, because it is simple to fluff and adjust as you work with it and even when it’s done. ¬†
burlap wreath tutorial
I wanted to add a little color and something for spring/Easter. ¬†I found this fabulous CORAL ribbon at HL. (I had to take a picture with my orange scissors because the color just wasn’t coming through otherwise.)
coral grosgrain ribbon
I found some cute polka-dot ribbon too. ¬†I also bought a wooden cross and some paint to match the ribbon, not exactly sure what I was going to do with all of it. ¬†I started by trying to make a bow with the ribbon….I stink at making bows with ribbon that isn’t wired so I scratched that idea. ¬†That’s when I came up with this.
ribbon cross
I decided I wanted the coral ribbon to shine because it’s awesome, so I painted the cross with the blue paint and then began layering the ribbon on the cross, simply hot-gluing it to the back. ¬†{As a side note – I finally bought myself a big-girl glue gun! ¬†ūüôā ¬†I have been using one of those mini low temp jobbies for years, and I was tired of the glue drying before I got things in place. ¬†Sooo loving my new one!!} ¬†I added a bow to the front just for cuteness. ¬†
ribbon covered cross tutorial
I knew I didn’t want this accessory to be permanent on my wreath because I knew I would want to use it at other times, so I simply made a big pile of glue on the back of the cross and stuck a pipe cleaner in the center. ¬†I then used the pipe cleaner to attach the cross to the wreath.
how to attach an object to a burlap wreath
burlap wreath
The plan was to hang this above my mantle as part of my spring decor.  After hanging it up there I realized that it blended in with the brick.  A.  Lot.  
burlap wreath
So, I am thinking of ways to make it stand out.  A mirror?  A board behind it like this?  
source: MadeByGirl
Really love the chevron on this.  What do you think?  Ideas?  

Jump on over here to see what I came up with :)!!

Blessings and happy spring!!
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More Lightening Up {Hallway Progress}

So, several months ago I got a crazy idea to paint the doors in my hallway.  Honestly I was bored one day and I already had the paint, so why not.  



However, sometimes I’m not in the mood to do paint projects like this one because they are quite time consuming. ¬†And, I got interrupted by a more pressing project, the entryway. ¬†But then, Christmas hit and again I didn’t feel like finishing the doors. ¬†But then, the ultimate motivator, we were having company (other than family – cuz they know how the project thing goes for me). ¬†So, I was determined to finish the doors, or at least get them to a point that looked somewhat finished. ¬†And, here ya go!!¬†




¬†I’m telling you the amount of light the white paint provides still amazes me. ¬†I love it!! ¬†It seems so much more seamless when I look down the hall now. ¬†The stained wood just seemed to break up things. so. much. ¬†



As you might be able to see, I still need to paint the linen cabinets, and the baseboards. ¬†What you can’t see is the last door at the other end of the hall that isn’t done ;), and the fact that you can’t see it is exactly the reason why it didn’t get done!!

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