Christmas Crafting

As I was setting up my simple Christmas decor this year.  I found myself in need of a couple of display items.  

I have two tiny nativities which I love.  I knew where I wanted to display them, but didn’t like them sitting low on the counter.  A tray was a start, but I wanted to raise them up a bit.  So, I headed to Dollar Tree to see what I could find.

And I found these.

This cute silver bowl and these timeless and very useful silver serving trays.  I got two bowls and one rectangle tray and one circle tray.

I turned the bowl upside down and hot glued the tray to the bottom of the bowl.

Cute and now and little more special.  🙂

The other thing that I was scratching my head about was Christmas cards.  I had seen a couple of ideas in the blogosphere (here, here, and here).  And the end I landed on a twist of my own that took no time at all.

I found a fairly large frame at goodwill, removed the ugly print and glass and spray painted it gold.

Then using jute and my staple gun I created hanging lines for our cards!

At the end the frame got a little bit more dressing in the form of a red ribbon and bow to hang it by.

Perfect!  Now, the cards from our friends have a special place!  🙂 

I don’t know what it is, but something about Christmas makes me feel extra crafty!!  Be sure to stop by on Friday for a fab party.  🙂

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