How To Update A Wicker Basket With Stain

Sharing a simple project with you today! Another from our bathroom update. 🙂

Maybe you remember this cute basket corralling some necessities.

I looked and looked and looked for a basket that would fit the top of the toilet, hold a few things, and that was of course cheap.

I finally found something that met my needs at Ross for $5. (pictured here with all my other budget friendly finishing touches for the room)

But, as I started to finish out the room I realized the color was way off. It was just too orange-y. What to do?

On a whim I decided to try applying some stain to the basket (the same stain I used on the mirror frame and the shelves). And what do you know?!? It worked!

I simply brushed on a pretty generous coat of stain. I wanted to give it time to soak into the wicker, so I let it set for 15 minutes or so before I tried to wipe any excess off. It took a couple of days to dry, but the end result was totally worth the wait! 

I will say that this basket had a slight plastic-y coating on it, which is probably why it took so long to soak in and to dry. If it were natural wicker, it probably would have been a faster process. Also, if it is more plastic-y than not, this probably won’t work at all. I tested the stain on the bottom of the basket beforehand.

Have a great weekend!!

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DIY Board & Batten

Now that the holidays are over and I have my brain back, I want to share a couple of the DIY projects from our bathroom makeover.

First up, our DIY board & batten. 

Supplies needed:

Lattice wood
Liquid nails (optional but I liked using it)
Finishing nails and hammer (or finish nail gun)
Nail set
Saw (hand miter saw works just fine)
Caulk (paintable)
And of course paint color of your choice

First step was to prime the wall. Especially since we were going with a traditional white finish. (You’ll see in later pictures that I also went ahead and painted the top half of the wall – really doesn’t matter which one you do first.)

Next was to purchase supplies. I found my lattice wood at home depot with the molding. Looks like this.

We used 1″ and 1 3/4″ width to get the look we wanted. It is sold here by linear foot. Hubby cut it down to an approximate size in the store to make it easier to transport.

Start with your horizontal pieces first. Measure and cut to size each piece. I used a 1″ piece along the bottom since I was leaving the baseboard, but the other two horizontal pieces are 1 3/4″.

Apply liquid nails. (look for the type made for paneling)

Make sure it is level.

Nail in place. This little guy was a Christmas present and he made this job a lot easier, but it is totally doable without.

Continue with all horizontal pieces.

Now it is time to add the vertical pieces. To measure each piece to size I simply held it in it’s place and marked and cut.

These are the same as the others – glue, level, nail. I will pause here to talk about the spacing of all the boards. This is a matter of taste really. Check out the internet for pictures of all different kinds of board & batten. The options are endless. I will admit that the spacing between my vertical pieces is not the same around the room. I went by look. I knew how many vertical boards I needed to get the look I wanted, measured the width of the space, did some division, and came up with the placement. This might have actually been the hardest part of the whole project!!

After all your wood is in place, you will want set your nails with a nail set. Then I would recommend that you sand the wood. This wood is not great quality, smooth wood, so this step will help it look even better. Then you will need to get busy filling all the nail holes, and caulking between the wood and the wall, and filling any cracks left behind from human error. 

Lots of caulk, tired fingers, necessary evil to make the end product look good.

The last step is just paint – you will want to prime the lattice wood, and then paint all surfaces, including the wall, with the same paint.

And you are left with this!!

The look I wanted at a fairly reasonable cost, and a doable DIY, all things I LOVE!

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Bathroom Makeover – One Room Challenge Reveal

It’s done! It’s wonderful! And I LOVE it!!
Lots of painting happened in this room, lots of DIY’s, and lots of bargain shopping. I shared with you my budget last week and in the end I came in just over $300!! I love being able to get the look I want for less!

If you need a little reminder, here is the before

And here was my inspiration board

I am so excited to share the finished product, so I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking!! There’s a lot, but I know that’s what you want, so here ya go!!

I made the shower curtain out of a dropcloth, some leftover denim chambray from my son’s room makeover, and ribbon for a little extra somethin’.

The mirror frame was a DIY – just inexpensive white wood stained in dark walnut. The new light fixture is from IKEA.

The galvanized metal accessories give a little bit of a rustic feel along with the wood. The planter bucket is from Hobby Lobby and the other container is from a local boutique.

The floating shelves are made with IKEA shelf brackets and again inexpensive stained white wood.

The vanity got new life with some leftover navy blue paint from my paint stash, and some spray paint for the pulls.

I love the spa, rustic coastal feel, and it just might be my new favorite room instead of my least favorite! Yay for the One Room Challenge!!
Please make sure you check out all the designer reveals, and all my fellow guest participants who have been sweating this deadline with me!

Now I need to start thinking about the holidays! Ack! But, at least I now have a nice bathroom for my guests when they stop by!!

Thanks so much for following this journey with me! If you need to catch up:

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One Room Challenge Week 5 – The Finishing Touches

Week 5!! I’m so excited!! I’m losing sleep and I’m in a constant state of panic, but for no good reason because honestly – I AM going to finish! 

Let’s look back at our inspiration.

However, currently the bathroom looks like this.

Womp, womp.

No worries, all the pieces are here. Things need to be installed and it needs to be cleaned. But we are sooo good. And I cannot begin to tell you how in love with this room I am!! Ack! With every addition, I fall more and more in love! I can’t wait to share with you next week! (lots of exclamation points I know!!)

Since I don’t want to spoil the reveal, I thought I would share about the budget. I am a very frugal shopper and avid DIYer, so really I don’t always set a budget, I just know that I am going to spend as little as possible. But, when I’m doing something like this with a time constraint, I do have to think about it a little more. So, I did consider that I would like to do the makeover for between $250 and $350. 

And, honestly, had there not been a few hiccups in the project (as there always are) I would have been closer to the bottom number, but instead I will probably end up closer to the top. Still a great makeover for a little bit of money!!

I will use the list to show the expenses.

scrape popcorn ceiling – $0
prime ceiling and walls – $10
paint ceiling and walls – $17
fix electrical issue with light (replace light) – $40
frame mirror – $35
install board and batten – $45
caulk and paint board and batten – (included above)
prime and paint door and trim – $0
paint vanity inside and out – $0
build shelf inside cabinet under sink – $0
build shelves for wall – $35
make shower curtain – $15
accessories – $150 (this includes all the hardware -pulls, towel bar, etc – that were changed from antique bronze to chrome/polished nickel)

There are a few accessories that still haven’t been purchased so that number could go down a bit (because I have been known to change my mind as I see things coming together), but for the most part – they you have it. 

Again, I cannot wait to come back next week and share the transformation!! Be sure to check in on the designers progress because wow. And be sure to check in on the other guest participants as well, because wow. There is a lot of talent out there folks, and I bet you’re one of them!!

Need to catch up?

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One Room Challenge Bathroom Week 4 – Paint, Paint, and More Paint

Hey there! I’m back for week 4 of our One Room Challenge Bathroom Update! I’m feeling a little calmer this week as we got a ton finished last week!! Woohoo!! From the start until now I realized that it has all been about paint!

Other than the tile and counter and other necessary bathroom fixtures, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. got a coat or two (or three or four) of paint!

I’m telling you I am happy to be all done with all that! And my painting hand is happy too!

So, the walls (and ceiling)…

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Board and batten…

Glidden Duo Antique White (I have used this on almost all the woodwork in our house including the built ins – it looks white but it is not a bright white – just a tiny bit softer.)

And, last but not least, the vanity…

This is a dark navy blue (that apparently looks a little black in photos) that I had mixed at Walmart. I would tell you the color, but the color it was supposed to be, is not the color I got :-/. I made it work for a previous project by lightening it with some paint I already had, but I thought I would use the dark as is for this project and I LOVE it.
Even the hardware got a couple coats of spray paint.

Let’s take a look at the list and see how we’re doing.

scrape popcorn ceiling
prime ceiling and walls
paint ceiling and walls
fix electrical issue with light
frame mirror (started)
install board and batten
caulk and paint board and batten
prime and paint door and trim
paint vanity inside and out
build shelf inside cabinet under sink
build shelves for wall
make shower curtain

shop for accessories and storage (started)

I have to say, the shelves for the wall are stumping me. I am stuck. I can’t seem to land on what kind of shelves, how many, or if any I want. I might be calling on y’all for some advice!!
If you are following along on instagram (@denisegwood), you got a sneak peek at the mirror frame this week, and oh my – what a transformation!

So excited for putting the little pieces together and finishing this room up. How is it possible that October is almost over and the holidays are right around the corner?!?
Make sure you check in with the designers of the ORC and with the other guest participants of the ORC. So much inspiration!!

Need to catch up??

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