DIY Faux Roman Shade

Hey there friends! Are you surviving May and all that comes with the school year ending?? Today is our kiddos last. day. of. school!! Surprised that I’m excited?? Allow me to explain – I get to sleep in. Yep, one of the benefits of having teenagers is that they appreciate sleep as much as I do! WooHOO! I’m still gonna try to get some projects done through the summer. They may be a little more spread out, but I’d like to be a little productive! 😆  Today, I’m sharing a project I have been wanting to do for a looonnnnggg time. Not sure why I put it off. But, it’s done now!
DIY Faux Roman Shade
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Shared Bathroom Inspiration and Mood Board

About a month ago we discovered that our shower fixture was leaking in the kids/guest bath. Like you can’t turn the water all the way off. This unfortunately is not the first time this has happened. We have band-aided the situation several times. This issue lies in the original plumbing which honestly needs to be redone. But for me, and probably most DIYers, that just means an if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie-experience. Not familiar with that reference?? You should look it up – great children’s books about cause and effect. 😆 Here’s part one of the update that was completed for the ORC last fall. Be sure to keep reading to see my plans for part two!
 Shared bathroom space update part one
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Spring 2016 ORC

Guess what starts this week!?! The spring session of the One Room Challenge {ORC}! The One Room Challenge is an awesome 6 week blogger challenge designed and hosted by Linda from Calling It Home.


Through this challenge I believe she has helped hundreds of us bloggers/DIYers to start and finish rooms that we were otherwise dragging our feet on! The idea of course is to begin and finish a room in six weeks, while posting weekly updates on your blog. My favorite part of the ORC is the encouragement from everyone else that is in the trenches with you. It’s our own little community of crazy, committed, get-er-doners! {yes, I just made that word up}

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Bathroom Storage & Organization

Hey there! I’m back to share with you our newly organized bathroom. As I said in my last post, I knew I would have to get creative with storage solutions for bathroom necessities when I removed the cabinet above the toilet. I was planning on installing shelves and knew I could disguise things in baskets there if needed. But, after some serious purging and creative container storage, I was able to fit it all in the vanity very nicely!
Under the sink organization for the bathroom

Here are some shot from the bathroom a couple of years ago when I organized it. Both the old cabinet above and the vanity below.
bathroom organization and storage
bathroom storage
Since all of our babies are older now, we have no need for a ton of different kinds of medication. This was what was stored in the cabinet above. I purged all the expired and no longer used meds and was able to condense it down to one tub that now sits on our newly built shelf.
Under sink organization for the bathroom.
Under that is a handy drawer caddy that holds ointments, thermometers, and bandaids. 
Use a small plastic drawer to store medical supplies
Behind that caddy is another tub filled with summer things – sunscreen, aloe, and bug spray. 
store your summer needs in one tub to make the sunscreen and aloe easy to find
This will be moved to have easier access to when the seasons change. Also under the sink are other things you can’t do without in a bathroom. 🙂 And stashed back in the back are some things we don’t use often – sports wraps, heating pad.
under sink storage and organization for the bathroom
On the other side are two baskets (TJ Maxx) and towel storage. (There are normally more towels than this, but it was laundry day.)
bathroom storage and organization
The bottom basket is for hand towels and wash cloths, and the top basket holds a few items used more frequently. (yes I did notice some of the paint has come off – in my haste to finish and photograph and post during the ORC, I may have installed the doors too quickly.)
under cabinet storage and organization for the bathroom
It’s nice to have everything behind closed doors and still have it look good. You may have noticed that the inside of the vanity is painted the same color as the walls. I love this kind of surprise when you open the door! 🙂

 photo Blessingssignature_zps514a1303.png

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Under The Sink Built-In Shelf

I’ve got a fairly easy building project to share with you today. Another goodie from our bathroom makeover. One that honestly you probably never saw, since I don’t think I shared the inside of the cabinets. Today we are addressing that blessed area under the sink.

Cabinet space under the sink is a space that always goes under-used I think. We never know what to do with that big open space. 

Since we removed the cabinet above the toilet, I knew I was going to need to use this space. And, if I was going to use this space, it needed to be more useful!!

So, we dug through our scrap wood and found enough pieces that would work to build an extra shelf! I didn’t really care that much what the wood looked like or if it matched, since I knew it was all getting painted out.

The bottom of the cabinet had sustained some water damage and was no longer flat. To solve this issue, we cut a piece of wood to fit and slid it into place. Nailing or gluing was not necessary. The weight of the wood will hold it in place.

Then we measured and cut a few more pieces – top of shelf, side of shelf, and two support pieces to help hold it all in place – under the shelf on the left side and beside the side piece on the right side.

We nailed all the pieces together in place and there ya go!

Way better available space now!

I just realized I never took a picture of it after it was all painted out! Bad blogger! I’ll be back soon with that and pics of how I organized the space inside the vanity to make it work for our family. Thanks for stopping by today!!

 photo Blessingssignature_zps514a1303.png

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