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    Bathroom Makeover – One Room Challenge Reveal

    It’s done! It’s wonderful! And I LOVE it!!
    Lots of painting happened in this room, lots of DIY’s, and lots of bargain shopping. I shared with you my budget last week and in the end I came in just over $300!! I love being able to get the look I want for less!

    If you need a little reminder, here is the before

    And here was my inspiration board

    I am so excited to share the finished product, so I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking!! There’s a lot, but I know that’s what you want, so here ya go!!

    I made the shower curtain out of a dropcloth, some leftover denim chambray from my son’s room makeover, and ribbon for a little extra somethin’.

    The mirror frame was a DIY – just inexpensive white wood stained in dark walnut. The new light fixture is from IKEA.

    The galvanized metal accessories give a little bit of a rustic feel along with the wood. The planter bucket is from Hobby Lobby and the other container is from a local boutique.

    The floating shelves are made with IKEA shelf brackets and again inexpensive stained white wood.

    The vanity got new life with some leftover navy blue paint from my paint stash, and some spray paint for the pulls.

    I love the spa, rustic coastal feel, and it just might be my new favorite room instead of my least favorite! Yay for the One Room Challenge!!
    Please make sure you check out all the designer reveals, and all my fellow guest participants who have been sweating this deadline with me!

    Now I need to start thinking about the holidays! Ack! But, at least I now have a nice bathroom for my guests when they stop by!!

    Thanks so much for following this journey with me! If you need to catch up:

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    One Room Challenge Week 2 – A Clean Slate

    Hey there! I’m ready to share some One Room Challenge progress! 
    Although, my family may not think much has happened. Ha! When you are working in a space that is used daily, you can never get it done fast enough. Am I right? 

    Just a reminder of the before. (more before here)

    Now down to business. This week was full of me doing the messy stuff. Things I don’t really like to do. All things necessary however, if I want a new space!! Wallpaper was removed.

    Awww memories of colors past…

    We did some demo.

    The ceiling was scraped.
    before the mess…

    after the mess…oh my!!
    Maybe I need to work on my technique?! 🙂 Oh well, I got it done. I think no matter how you go about this it’s a messy job!!

    The wall behind the cabinet was textured. (which I forgot to photograph…)

    And everything was primed.

    Aaaahhh, a clean slate! It looks better already!

    Now it’s time to start putting things together.

    At one point this week, my head started swirling with all the things that I hope to accomplish. So, I made a list. (you may have seen this on instagram – follow along for behind the scenes updates – @denisegwood)

    Honestly, this list is exhaustive, there’s not that much – I just didn’t want to forget anything at the last minute!! Ha ha! 

    The kids are on fall break which means I have extra hands for a few days! Back to work I go!!

    To start at the beginning – check out previous posts:

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    Breathing New Life Into Our Family Room

    Hey friends!!  Hope everyone is doing well!!  I’m happy to have the sun shining here today!!
    In my post for the new year, I mentioned wanting to update our family room.  Although I have done a couple of things here and there and there to brighten up the space, it still doesn’t feel very cohesive to me.  
    Here it is at Christmas time.
    I know I’m not the only one who fell in love with the HGTV dream home this year!!  Several of my favorite bloggers featured it on there site.  The light and airy cape cod feel is so what I would love!!
    We are missing a few elements – lots of windows, skylights, hard wood floors, and of course the beach – but I’m hoping to come close to this feel with our update.  Here are a few more pics to give you an idea of what I’m thinking.
    1.  We have a center beam in our vaulted ceiling, and I have toyed with the idea of adding some down the sides.
    2.  The fireplace is getting a makeover.  I’m still on the fence between more white wash, or full-on paint.  And, I plan on trimming out part of that brick wall with wood.  And, of course a natural wood mantel (see the new mantel here).
    3. I am on the hunt for a couple of chairs to re-cover in a fun print or pattern.
    4.  We are in need of new furniture, and I am currently trying to convince my hubby that white slip-covers are the way to go.  🙂
    5.  I went all-white with our built-ins a couple of years ago and loved it, but I think I’m ready to pull some color back in by painting the backs.
    6.  We have one smallish ottoman right now that we all fight over.  We either need a giant one or two.  I love the idea of using something with pattern and interest to cover it with to contrast the white couch.
    I plan to go with a warm white on the walls.  I love the flexibility it gives you with all the other decorating.  What warm white do you love??  
    So, there you have it – a plan.  It’s good to corral all my thought together!!  Who knows where I will start or how long it will take (because as usual it will all be done on a snug budget), but at least I have a plan right?  Ha!

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    Top 10 Posts From 2014 – Looking Back

    Today we are taking a stroll down memory lane in the form of the top 10 posts of 2014! If you are new here – thanks for joining me on this stroll! 

    Looking back is always a good exercise. Sometimes in the midst of the day to day chaos is easy to lose sight of where you’ve been!  And man o man a lot has happened around here this year!!  So, here we go!!

    Our home has come a long way since last year!! I’m so thankful for each of you being along for the ride with me.  Hopefully somewhere along the way you were inspired or encouraged!! Looking forward to what 2015 might bring!!

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    Kitchen Ceiling and Lighting Details

    It all started about a year ago when I decided to finally update our kitchen. {click on over and check out the before pics of the kitchen – even I didn’t remember how dark and dated it looked} Not too long after we started, hubby and I took a day trip to Dallas, and of course stopped in at IKEA. New kitchen lighting was on my list, because I knew they had less expensive options. I was leaning towards some sort of track lighting to replace our hideous fluorescent lighting in the kitchen.  And then we spotted these.  

    source – IKEA
    They were the perfect length, had lots of lights, and a big enough cover in the center to cover the existing holes that I knew would be left behind by the current fixtures. And…the price was fantastic! – $29.99
    I wasn’t sure about the silver finish, or the super-modern look, but the price and size just couldn’t be beat.  The bad news–they only had one in stock that day!!  And, I needed three.  I left very defeated.  I looked into ordering them online, and really the shipping wasn’t bad – about the same as gas to drive down there and back, but I just never got around to it.

    Fast forward to last month, when one of my precious friends mentioned she was heading to Dallas, and making a trip to IKEA.  IKEA, I said, I love that store, and I told her my lighting story. And then, bless her, she offered to pick up whatever I wanted!!  (Thanks Angela!!) So, that my friends is how I scored my modern-inexpensive-way better than fluorescent- kitchen lighting!!

    We first started by ripping out the old.  And we were left with this ugliness.

    My hubby decided to remove two of the three lights (which btw weren’t working anyway???). And we had this.

    I had my plan for the ceiling, but had no idea the sides of the inset were popcorn – ugh. So, rather than scraping that off, or painting over it, I pulled some beadboard from my scrap pile, held it up over the sides and voila!  Perfect!  And it tied in with the beadboard on the backsplash!!

    We attached the beadbaord to the sides with a little liquid nails and finishing nails into as many studs as we could.  

    From previous planking experience, I knew it was necessary to paint the ceiling for imperfection purposes.  I did not want to see white popcorn in between those boards.

    Then we found the ceiling joists and started planking, using the same wood we used on our rustic kitchen island. We nailed the boards into the studs, staggering the sizes of the boards along the way.  

    We installed the light fixtures as we went. Mostly because we wanted to see what it was going to look like!!  You know, then if I hated it I could tear it down and start over!  Ha!

    When that was all finished…the last board!!

    And the lights were all in place

    I used some molding to trim out the beadboard, caulked to fill in all the cracks and imperfections, and lastly painted the beadboard and molding.  I used corner round in the corners, and a chair-rail molding around the bottom edge. 

    Here is the approximate price break-down for the project:

    Three sets of lights + light bulbs – $130
    One 4×8 sheet of beadboard paneling – $20
    Trim molding – $30
    Liquid Nails – $3
    Paint – $3 (I used a sample jar because it was such a small area – and because I started with a sample jar that I already had :)).

    Not a bad transformation for under $200!! For more after photos check out Monday’s post.

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