DIY Glittered Candle Holders

Hey friends! I spent Saturday crafting my little heart out getting ready for Valentine’s Day. It was a cloudy day to start with so it was the perfect day for it! (honestly though, what day isn’t perfect for crafting??) It was so good to get my hands messy and create something! I’ll be sharing a few projects over the next few weeks leading up to Valentine’s – this week I’m sharing how to make some plain candle holders fancy and sparkly for any season really – but they’re red so they are perfect for Valentine’s!
Do It Yourself Glittered Candle Holders
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High Five on Friday

Hey there friends!! I hate to say this will be a regular series, because to be honest, I’m terrible at those!! 😳 But…I’m going to try!! I am always finding things that I love on the interwebs! I try to share them with my hubby, but honestly he doesn’t care most of the time. 😆 He tries his best to act interested, bless him. 😉 So, I thought maybe you would like me to share them with you!! So here we go with “High Five on Friday”!

High five on Friday

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DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Hey friends! Like many of you we have had somewhat of a stutter start back to school this winter. One day of school, and then snow. Four days of school and then…sorta ice. My girlie went back to college, but the big boy still has a couple of weeks at home. Honestly I don’t know what day it is most days. This mama is ready for a little bit of a regular routine for a good while. I’m ready to get back to DIY and crafting and projects. I have so many things swimming around in my DIY mind! Ha! Maybe you saw my insta-stories last on Monday, where I shared a lot of those things!! I finally got out of the house and made a trip to Home Depot for supplies for a simple project that I finished in a day! And, today I’m sharing with you!
DIY Drawer Dividers to Organize Kitchen Drawers
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Organizing Your Home for 2017

What is it about the new year that gives everyone the organizing bug?? You’ll see it everywhere. People are dumping the clutter and getting their spaces organized. I’m so with you!! Maybe it’s all the stuff that comes with Christmas. The decorations, the gifts, the boxes, the ribbons, the bows. Maybe it’s the excitement of a new year. Things will be better this year! I will be organized! I will not be ruled by the stuff!
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