Life Lately and a Reset

Hey there friends!! {tap, tap} is this thing on??? I totally didn’t intend on taking time off, but I did. And it was good. Sometimes we don’t know we need a reset until we take one. And this is what happened to me last week. I’ve told you how busy things have been around here on the home front – things have not slowed down yet. And, then I decided to open an Etsy shop. That in and of itself consumed my time for a couple of months. And while I know it was the right thing to do – mostly because I was tired of talking about it and thinking about it – pushing “open shop” and telling everyone about it was extremely stressful and nerve wracking for this little introvert. So, I decided to go visit my mom for a couple of days, because, again I have been telling her for a while that I would!
mom and I at the Lodge on the Drummond Ranch where Pioneer Woman films
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We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Hey friends! As I was sifting through old photographs, looking for pics of my kids when they were little, I came across some pics of our house on move in day. Wow. I remember when we moved in. I was 7 months pregnant = huge, with a 5 year old and a 3 year old in tow. We were adding around 500 sq ft of space for our family with this home, as well as adding a lot of other features our old house didn’t have. Even though a lot of the décor wasn’t to our liking I certainly remember thinking “it’s nice enough that I can live with it for a time”.
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The Easter Challenge

Blessed Good Friday to you friends! As I sat in church this past Sunday – Palm Sunday. God laid a few words on my heart. Words I knew He wanted me to share. As a writer sometimes that can be a little intimidating. But, I know God is working for good. So, here goes! As you read, I hope you are challenged like I was.
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Master Bedroom Ideas

Hey friends! Do you ever finish a room and then a couple of years later, realize it’s not actually done? Ya, I do that all the time. Rooms as well as homes evolve over time folks, so it’s ok. As I was looking back over our past one room challenge projects, I started thinking about our Master Bedroom. Which, was actually my first one room challenge. I loved this room when we ‘finished’ it. But, even then there were a few details that got left out. Either because of time, or because of budget. And, over time I have tired of some of the design.
master bedroom update
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