High Five on Friday #8

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know how but Father’s Day really snuck up on me this year! I’m not prepared at all! The kiddos and I are going to be doing some shopping today! Hopefully you’re doing better than I am! Ha! I have some fun things to share with you today! So, I hope you’re ready for another edition of

High Five on Friday!

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Easy and Inexpensive Napkin Ring Options

Hi there!! I’m currently working on a summer tablescape and as I was putting things together I was trying to choose a napkin ‘ring’ option. I realized that I own ZERO real napkin rings. Everything that I have or that I have used are inexpensive alternatives because I honestly can’t afford new real napkin rings every time I want to set the table, and honestly I like my alternatives better. 😉  So, I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the things I have used over the years! Many may not be new to you, but maybe just one will spark your creativity!
Easy and inexpensive napkin ring alternatives
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Master Bathroom Progress

Happy Tuesday friends! Posting a little later than normal for me because…well, summer. Can I get an amen for sleeping in?? (If you have little that still get up at the crack of dawn…I’m sorry, this too won’t last forever.) I shared a couple of weeks ago my new faux roman shade for our master bath. That project spurred me to finish up this part of our master bath. If you’re new here, you may not know our master bath situation. You can see it here in our master bedroom – yes, yes, that’s right we have what I refer to as a hotel bathroom. Part completely open to the bedroom, part not. The part I’m working on is the tinniest little (smaller than our closet) room that houses our shower and toilet.
tiny master bathroom update
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