Craft Closet New and Improved

Hey friends! Happy Monday! My kids are back in school (all but the big one who’s here for two more weeks¬† ūüėČ ). That means more time for projects and blogging! Have you missed me? I’ve missed you!
I shared my craft closet with you a little while back, and¬†my plans to improve it and organize it in a way that would not require a regularly scheduled clean-out.¬† ūüė≥ Here is the condition of the closet after the last operation organization.
Craft closet
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Storage and Organization for Baking Supplies

Oh My Goodness. ¬†I am so excited with the way this project is turning out I just had to share it with you, even though I’m not done. ¬†Like I have said before I need to see results quickly, and today delivered!!
Baking storage and organization
I am still in the midst of organizing my kitchen РUGH!!  I just have trouble deciding what I want to use for storage and organization.  I had plenty of ideas pinned on my pinterest board, but several of them would not work with my non-standard kitchen.
This weekend I purchased some containers at walmart for my dried baking goods.  For me and my family plastic works best.  I love these containers because of the shape, and the handy handle on one side.  I purchased all they had in stock of the 2quart size. Р$1.97 ea!!
kitchen storage
(They have a larger one that holds a gallon for $2.97, but of course it was too tall for the cabinet it was going in.)  The labels peal off super easy if you take a little time.  Make sure that you have them completely dried out before you put anything in them.  The containers are great and all but my favorite part is the labels!!
I have seen many different applications of chalkboard type labels and I love the look. ¬†When I saw this at Hobby Lobby a little while back and knew it was the perfect option. ¬†Lucky for me it was on sale this ¬†last week! ¬†Then I used my 40% off coupon to purchase a really large circle punch – 3 1/2″ on loveliness.
circle punch and chalkboard vinyl for labeling things
Then, using the lovely punch I cut circles from the chalkboard vinyl. ¬†If you haven’t worked with this type of vinyl, it’s just like contact paper, with a peel and stick backing.
chalkboard vinyl labels
Easy peasy!!  Place your label where you like it and voila!!
chalk markers
I have these wonderful chalkboard markers that I love because they don’t wipe off like chalk, but are easily erased with a damp cloth. ¬†Perfect for labeling things that are going to be handled often.
Baking supplies storage and organization
Clear storage containers for baking supply storage

Love!! ¬†Love!! ¬†Love!! the look!! ¬†Notice I turned the one in the back sideways so I could see the label easily. ¬†The only drawback is that I cannot get a 5lb bag of flour in this container, but that’s okay with me, I will store the extra in the freezer to keep it fresh. ¬†There is quite a bit of this vinyl on the roll and I can’t wait to go label crazy in the rest of the kitchen and many other places in the house!! ¬†Wahoo!!

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Time To Get Started

Well today is my first day to myself after our Christmas break.¬† No work, kids are back at school and hubby went to work.¬† I am relishing in the quiet and catching up on my blog reading.¬† We spent the last five days enjoying the mountains with some long time friends skiing.¬† Van and Garrett were the only ones who had skied before so we knew it was going to be an adventure.¬† I was a complete failure – let me just say I am a weakling and I need to start working out (although I really hate exercise of any form); and I really don’t like feeling out of control.¬† So…I attempted to ski one day, and everyone else had a blast the other two days!!¬† The kids LOVED skiing, so I’m afraid I will have to go back.¬† Maybe next time I will be more prepared (stronger and in better shape) and be able to get the hang of it (not feel like I am flying down the hill at the speed of light straight for the trees).


Now that I am back home and things are back to regular-scheduled-programming, I feel the need to get started on something.¬† My kitchen is probably the only area that didn’t get a lot of attention in the purge and de-cluttering of last year so this is my first mountain to tackle here.¬† It is completely overwhelming to me and I think that’s why I haven’t done it before.¬† I start thinking about all the problems and how this doesn’t function, and that doesn’t work, and how I desperately need a pantry, and I just throw my hands up and say “forget it, it’s hopeless – let’s just gut it”.¬† But, then my husband talks me down from my hysteria, as he often has to do, and ever so gently reminds me that would cost a lot of money (because he knows my taste), and that we have to work with what we have.¬† Blah.

So, last night as I was perusing my kitchen pinterest board, I decided I needed to take it apart and do small pieces at a time.¬† I need to see results quickly or I lose interest.¬† So, today I am going to tackle my drawers.¬† Here are some photos I snapped this morning of the worst culprits – don’t judge you know you have these drawers.

Yikes!! ¬†So, this is what is on my agenda today – purging – getting rid of things I don’t need – and organizing – trying to find a system that will fit each drawer to make it more purposeful. ¬†Oh and also you know what else is staring me in the face after vacation? ¬†This…
Ugh!!  Wish me luck!!


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2013 Home Goal List

There are going to be lots of changes happening around here in 2013 and some of them will hopefully include my home.¬† I thought it would be fun to make and list so that this time next year I can see how I did.¬† Not to stress myself out, just to keep myself on task.¬† I tend to be a little all over the place when it comes to home improvement.¬† Like I said before, I’m a starter and not always a finisher.

One thing that I worked hard at all this last year was decluttering, and cleaning out.¬† What I have discovered about this is that it is addictive.¬†¬†Once you start throwing away and clearing out the stuff you. can’t. stop.¬† So, even though I have pared down quite a bit, I will be doing more.


#1 on my list is De-cluttering – everything!!

#2 Organizing – everything

#3 Kitchen redo – including decluttering, organizing and updating (hopefully)

#4 Redo Craft closet

#5 Finish doors in hall – painting and molding

#6 Garage redo – clean out, organize, blah, blah, blah

#7 Kids bathroom update

#8 Backyard landscaping – making it a more usable space

#9 Fireplace update

#10 Finish Master bath update

#11 Master closet update

Wow, what a list, I am anticipating that it will not all¬†get done.¬† Life is going to happen as it always does.¬† These are in no priority order.¬† That’s just not how I roll.¬† I will do whatever suits my fancy and my budget.¬† ūüôā¬† I have been pinning away on my pinterest boards, collecting ideas of how I want things to look and function.¬† Wish me luck!!¬† I’m gonna need it!!!

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DIY Built-In For The Entryway

Sooo excited to share with you the finished product…a few days later than I hoped, but hey it’s done!!¬† (It feels so good to say that) Here it is in all it’s glory..
DIY built-ins to keep the entryway organized
wall hooks for coats and backpacks
DIY bench with cubbies below for hats, gloves, and shoes
Distressed wood bench DIY
hooks to hang coats and backpacks
cubbies for shoe storage
DIY built-ins to keep the entryway organized
It’s exactly how I imagined it!!¬† Surprisingly it makes the space feel bigger!¬† I am still on the hunt for baskets to put in the cubbies to hold hats and gloves and scarves, but I am okay with not having them yet, I know I will find something.¬† Thanks for those who stayed with me through the process.¬† This build cost around $125 to complete, baskets not included of course, and around 10 – 12 hours total for two¬†amateur carpenters.¬† Not bad I think.¬† If you want to see more of the process you can check here.
This project had been on my home improvement project list for a long time, but the fluff stuff always took precedent.¬† But, as of late¬†the things that will make our home function better for our family have been bumped to the top.¬† We have lived here 11 years and our kids are bigger, and so is their stuff.¬† We are working on getting rid of unnecessary stuff and making our spaces more organized and efficient -all the while looking pretty ūüôā …or at least that is the goal. ¬†I want to be able to come home and feel relaxed, I want that for the whole family.¬† I no longer want to be controlled by my stuff – always having to pick up, clean, dust, move, stuff.¬† I want my stuff to work for me.¬† Anybody else feeling that way?

So, now I am turning on some music and cleaning house.¬† I don’t know about the rest of you but when I get into a project, everything else gets forgotten.¬† HA!!¬† So, until next time!!¬† Blessings to you and thanks for reading!!

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