Kitchen Organization Round Up

Hey there friends! Have you joined our declutter challenge?? If you have then you have been hard at work decluttering your kitchen this week!! I hope it’s going well!! It’s never too late to join! You will start where everyone else started. 🙂
Remember the focus of this challenge is to get the clutter out. But, once you do that it might be fun, and honestly probably a great idea to implement some sort of organization. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to work for you and your family.
Over the years I have shared a few kitchen organizing ideas. So, I thought I would round those up for you here today. (You may have already seen these in the email, but there’s a little something extra at the end ;)).

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Clutter Intervention Anyone??

Hey friends! As I was shoving freshly washed sheets into my linen closet today, I realized I needed an intervention…for myself. Anyone else need a clutter intervention?? It’s been a couple of years since I spent the majority of that year decluttering our entire house room by room. And, to be honest, I think I need to do it again. Our family has gone through a few transitions since then and stuff has piled up. All the storage is full and a lot of this have become disorganized. So I’m doing something about it!! Just say no to clutter in 2018!!
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Craft Closet New and Improved

Hey friends! Happy Monday! My kids are back in school (all but the big one who’s here for two more weeks  😉 ). That means more time for projects and blogging! Have you missed me? I’ve missed you!
I shared my craft closet with you a little while back, and my plans to improve it and organize it in a way that would not require a regularly scheduled clean-out.  😳 Here is the condition of the closet after the last operation organization.
Craft closet
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What To Do Next? {Making a Plan}

So yesterday…kids all went back to school, hubby went to work, and I was left alone with my thoughts.  Let me tell you folks, that’s not a good place for me. My thoughts take me to scary places.  I think I was more anxious for my kids first days then they were!!  Lunch with hubby helped a lot.  He gets me.  He knows how to redirect my thoughts and calm my crazies.  I love that man.  Anywho, everyone had a great day!!  

6th grade, Sophomore, 5th grade, Senior – crazy

I’m so thankful and God is so good.  Sweet friends called and texted and facebooked me to check on me and it was wonderful – if that was you – thanks, it helped this momma’s aching heart.  I have been pushing back against time and life as it marches right past me, and I’m done.  I don’t want to miss a second because I’m whining about how fast it is passing me by.  (Don’t get me wrong – I will have a moment (or a day) here and there when I’m whining again;)).  My kids are growing up and things are fun and exciting right now, so I’m jumping on board!  
So, now that the kids are back at school, and I’m not working outside the home anymore I have to make a plan (for those days when I can’t decide what to do).  I decided to revisit my goal list for the year and see how things were coming.  

#1 on my list is De-cluttering – everything!! – working on it and getting there, really only two closets left (oh and the attic…)!!  See progress garage, laundry room, more garage, more

#2 Organizing – everything – working on it and getting there, as I said above only two closets left (and the attic…)!!  See progress kitchen, garage, laundry room, more garage

#3 Kitchen redo – including decluttering, organizing and updating (hopefully)

#4 Redo Craft closet

#5 Finish doors in hall – painting and molding – painting done

#6 Garage redo – clean out, organize, blah, blah, blah – Done!!  – see the completed project here

#7 Kids bathroom update

#8 Backyard landscaping – making it a more usable space – not good – puppy – progress here, and here

#9 Fireplace update

#10 Finish Master bath update

#11 Master closet update

So, there ya go.  Some progress made on the smaller, less costly stuff.  I am working with my budget manager (hubby) to see what big project we can tackle this year.  It’s between the kitchen or a bathroom.  I really want to do the kitchen, but the countertops are really holding me back – that will be the biggest expense and I don’t know if we can swing that amongst the senior year expenses :).

Today I am tackling the craft closet – the decluttering part that is.  I’ve told you that as I have been organizing I have been piling in other areas.  This closet is scary folks – I instructed my husband to NOT open the door.  But, I have to open the door to get started so….here it is

I KNOW RIGHT!!  That’s a little embarrassing, but the best thing about a before picture this bad is that it makes the after picture look phenomenal!!  The worst part is, and my biggest motivator, all of my craft stuff is in there somewhere, which means I can’t do any fun projects until it gets cleared out.  Better get to work!!  
Blessings and love to you all!!  Thanks for reading along 🙂
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Making Back to School a Little Easier

My kiddos start back to school tomorrow!!  (There may or may not be some happy dancing going on up in here around 8:30 am tomorrow – and that would be me and my hubby dancin’ :)).  Maybe your kids have already started back to school, or maybe you’re still on the countdown.  Either way I thought I would share with you today some of the things we have been doing the past few days in preparation for the new school year.  
The number one thing I dislike most about school starting (well, maybe #2 next to getting up early) is making lunches.  We pack lunches for our kids because there are four of them and we do not have a money tree in the back yard.  Last spring I started making bags of snacks up a week ahead of time.  I did this for two reasons – 1) an attempt to make lunch preparation easier in the morning – which it did and 2) if I didn’t bag the snacks up the kids would eat them at other times and there would be nothing left for lunch the last few days, and our grocery budget would be spent!!

So, I pulled out these containers to store the bags in.  When I labeled my baking supplies I also labeled these.

One for crunchy and one for sweet.  No, these aren’t the healthiest options for lunch and I am working on that, but for now this is what we got.
I also took a couple of minutes to clean the landing area – our entryway/mudroom.  Now it is ready for backpacks and such!!

When I was de-cluttering my entryway closet, I showed you my tower o’ drawers, and my school/office supply storage – easy access and quick put-away is the goal here. There is so much paper that comes in this house it is ridiculous, so it is good for me to have a system.  When those weekly folders come in I sort through and pick out the good stuff which goes in their drawer, and all the other stuff goes in the recycling bin.  And, of course when the bigger kids decide to share with me something important from school…it goes in their drawer as well.  {sigh}

I also re-organized our desk, and cleared out old calendars and out-dated papers. I also found ways to make the things my kids are always asking me for easily visible and accessible, so maybe they will stop asking me. {ha}  

So, backpacks are packed, outfits are picked out, lunch supplies are ready, and alarm clocks are set.  Here’s to a great school year!! 
What have you done to make the transition from summer to school a little easier? I would love to hear your ideas!!  ðŸ™‚

Blessings all around!!

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