Simple DIY Fall Hoop Wreath

Oh my goodness friends!! How are you? I had no intention of being away for so long, but man. Life. I  have decided to start subbing at our church preschool this year. So, that has caused me to change up my home schedule a bit, and I am still adjusting.
I had planned to have this post ready for you last week, but when I got ready to make the wreath and photograph it, everything went south. I could not find my wire (which apparently I had given to my mom an accident), and then my camera battery was dead. womp, womp
So, here I am, a week later sharing a super easy project with you! A simple fall hoop wreath. I hope you like it enough to run out and get some supplies to make your own!!
Simple DIY Fall Hoop Wreath
Have you seen hoop wreaths around the home decor interwebs?? Maybe while you’ve been scrolling pinterest or intstagram?? I have and I can’t believe this is my first time to try one!
They are super easy, and take very little time to make, and fairly inexpensive, and endless possibilities! Seriously, the perfect storm for me!!

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First up the supplies:
  • Any size wooden embroidery hoop that you would like. (I’ve also seen extra large ones made with spray-painted hoola hoops)
  • Greenery of your choice
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Whatever else you would like to add to the wreath – i.e. ribbon, cotton stems, pumpkins, etc
  • Floral wire and/or hot glue gunhot glue gun and hot glue (I’m using floral wire so I can change it up later if I want)
Here is what I started with.
Supplies for DIY fall hoop wreath
I’m using a 10″ hoop and some faux greenery and flowers from my fall stash.
Use solid part of wood hoop for wreath base.
First up, the base. I’m only using the solid part of the hoop, but you could use both or the other – doesn’t matter. Start with the greenery. Longer stems work to help create the one-sided casual look.
Adding faux greenery to your hoop wreath
Next, add some flowers.
adding faux flowers to your hoop wreath
Then, you can be done like I was or you could fill in with whatever suits your fancy!
Here is what it looks like up close from the back, just to give you and idea of the wiring ‘technique’.
wiring technique for hoop wreath
Easy peasy!! And, a perfect addition to any fall decor! Mine is hanging in my kitchen for now, but I love the lower profile for a door wreath too. Since I have a glass screen door, it’s often hard to find something that will hang in between the door and the screen without getting squished!
DIY fall hoop wreath
I hope your October has been great so far! Seriously though, how is it halfway over?? I have more things on the books to share with you…so many things…hopefully something will be share-ready soon!! In the meantime be sure to follow along on Instagram for day to day inspiration!!


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