Side Table Makeover

Oh my goodness you guys!! I actually did a project this last week and it felt so good. It has been way too long, and I needed to DIY something. This little side table in my living room has seen better days. And, I have been scheming an update for a while now. And spring break seemed like the perfect opportunity to get er done. I was so excited that I didn’t even think to take a before picture. (insert face slap) At least I took this after I stripped the top and before I painted! Just imagine the top being black too. 🙂 (please ignore the messy garage in the background…that’s a product of winter too)
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Side table makeover before
The finish on the top was starting to peel and flake off from people setting glasses on it without a coaster. (come on people) So, the first thing I did was to strip the paint finish off the top. A couple of coats of Citristrip did the trick! Followed by a little sanding and it was ready for a new life!
I shared in my instastories that there was no way I was gonna try to strip the rest of the piece. I applaud people who do that type of refinishing, because it can be some tedious work. Especially when there are bumps and grooves. So, I chose some paint instead. I had in mind to try Fusion mineral paint, but I was too cheap, so I found this at Hobby Lobby instead. Same color I was looking at and about $15 cheaper. 🙂
Side table makeover supplies
I picked up a pretty glass knob at Hobby Lobby too (50% off that week), and I got to work. The paint is labeled indoor/outdoor, and went on very well. I did not sand or prime. I just cleaned it really well. It took three coats to get solid coverage. Priming the piece may have allowed only two coats of the paint, but I really don’t think so since I would have then been painting over white. Either way I only used about half of the paint.
Side table makeover stain for top
After painting I finished the top of the piece. I went back and forth between a fairly natural stain or a dark stain. Dark stain is my go to, but I decided to try something new, and I LOVE it! Every time I walk by this piece now I am struck by the beauty of that top! It’s not perfect, but I love the character of the wood.
Side table makeover after stained top painted bottom
Side table makeover. Stained top and painted bottom.
I was afraid the green would be too bright, and I considered adding a light coat of brown wax, but I decided to leave it as is for now. Again, best decision. It’s a small piece in a big room and it really just brings some life in here. I told you I was crushing on green this season when I showed you these green pillows from IKEA not too long ago. The match between the two was a total accident. I’m just drawn to that color!
Side table makeover
Side table makeover
Side table makeover new knob from Hobby Lobby
This was sort of a test to see how it would turn out also. You see, our dining room table has the exact same black painted finish and I’m kind of over it. So, you can bet it will be getting a makeover soon!! I feel like that room is going to be just like a “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” book. First the plate wall idea, then the table, maybe we need a rug??, oh and I think I’m over the drapes too.  😆
Side Table Makeover DIY
I’m so glad spring is here and the weather is getting warmer, and the sun is shining more. I really don’t like winter. I just want to hibernate. I struggle getting motivated to do anything. And, then, when spring hits I just want to do ALL the things!! Hahaha!! Now, to just find the time and the $$$.



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