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Light and Bright Family Room

Hey friends! I’ve been scheming in my head again. And this time about our family room. You know I realized that we have been updating this house one DIY project at a time for three years or so now. I kind of think I’ve forgotten how to just decorate a space. Hahaha 😆 But, now that most of the DIY projects are done I need to turn my attention to some overdue decorating updates. And, I’m starting with our family room.
Family room Frazzled JOY
We have had this furniture for probably around 12-15 years now and it has seen better days. There was one other piece in here. A brown “leather” recliner, but I finally removed it when the “leather” started to peel. 🙄 The color was great when we bought it. We had four young children, three of them boys, and I just didn’t want anything that would possibly show a lot of dirt. Now, however, I’m over it. Even with the vaulted ceiling in our family room, it really isn’t a bright space. There is only one window in the room. Over the years, I have painted the built-ins, the brick, and the walls a much lighter color. All of these things have helped a lot but, it can still really be a dark space. So, my next move is to lighten up the furniture and eventually the floors. I’m excited to think how it will look when it’s ALL done, but I refuse to wait until I can do it ALL. We have been furniture shopping for a while now, and I think my hubby is on board with my vision. Actually, I’m not sure he is. But, we have reached that place in our marriage where he trusts my vision which is far better than trying to get him on board, am I right?? Here are a few inspiration pics of the look and feel I’m going for.
White couches inspiration from Ballard Designs
White couch inspiration pic from Blesser House
Yep you guessed it! White slip-covered couches! Yes, they might be very trendy right now, but you know what, I like them so I don’t care. The brown microfiber was trendy when I bought it also. So, there’s that…
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In a perfect world I would get two of these.
Pottery Barn white slip-covered couch
But at $1,800 – 2,500 each that’s not gonna happen. I had been planning to settle for IKEA ones, but I just had a few complaints. They weren’t near as deep as the Pottery Barn ones, nor were they as tall, or as long. But….IKEA now has these!
IKEA Ektorp 3.5 seat slip-covered sofa
IKEA Ektorp 3.5 seat sofa
They are much closer in size to the Pottery Barn couches, and only $100 more than there original EKTORP sofas!!
I’m over the moon excited and ready to put them in my cart!
Next up are a couple of accent chairs. I’m thinking of a color here. Either gray or navy, depending on what I can find at the right price. Any suggestions? Let me know! I have my eye on these from World Market. Just waiting for them to go on sale. 🙂
Gray chair from World Market
I am strongly considering purchasing a rug now too. I have not started shopping for those yet, but I have a little bit of an idea what I want. Maybe something like this.
Navy rug from Home Depot
Blue rug from Rugs USA
I found a table while hubby and I were out junkin’ Friday that I plan to re-finish. I’m looking for one more and then, all that will be left will be the floors. Yay!!
I’d forgotten how much fun it is to plan out the decor for a room! I encourage you to get creative and do some scheming of your own! Pinterest is a great tool for this! Start a board for a room you want to change up, and start pinning. You will soon see a pattern, and you will know what to shop for! Have fun!!


    • frazzledjoy

      Thank you Susan! The black table is from Mathis Brothers several years ago, and the round table was a hand-me-down. 🙂

  • Jennifer Griffin

    Pretty inspiration! I’ve heard such good things about the Ektorp. My sister recently got a sectional and absolutely loves it! I would be sure to stop by World Market when you’re in Tulsa sometime and look at those chairs in person. I was looking at some there and they were MUCH smaller scaler in person than they looked online. These are so pretty and might be great but something to consider!

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