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Winter White Mantel

I was sitting on the couch taking a break yesterday and I was staring at my half empty mantel. Does anyone else leave empty spaces around the house after Christmas?? I took the Christmas decorations down, but I never put anything back up in their place. I do this quite often actually after Christmas. Mostly because I’m not sure what needs to go in it’s place. Often times I’m bored with what was there before. So, I just leave things empty. Give the house room to breathe for a while. And give my mind space to imagine. But, yesterday, it needed something. So, I shopped the house, and gathered together some winter looking items and there you have it!

A Winter White Mantel

Winter White Mantel Decor
The antique window stayed. I really like it up there and I would bet it stays for a good long while. It’s a great base. Next came some large white painted candlesticks my mom found me when she was out antique and thrift store shopping.
Neutral White Winter Mantel
Then some repeat offenders from last years’ winter mantel – the sweater vases and the pom pom garland.
DIY sweater vases and pom pom garland
My wire basket from the fall, filled with pine cones this time.
Pine cones in a metal basket make a great winter accent
Along with a painting that I found at a garage sale a couple of years ago. (I liked the chunky frame and the simplicity of the painting.)
Garage sales are a great place to find art
I used a few old books for height where needed.
This is where it sat for a while, and it just felt like it was missing something. I moved things around several times, added a few loose pine cones, and then it hit me – eucalyptus. I dug some stems out and added them to the sweater vases. And done!
White Winter Mantel
I love that it’s simple, calm and a little quiet. Perfect for this winter season. Until maybe I change it up for Valentine’s Day. Ha!
How is your de-cluttering going?? I’m a day behind since the kids were home from school yesterday, but no worries, I’ll catch up today! Follow along on Insta stories to see my process!!

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