September 2017 In Review

Hey there! So two things. One – I had a totally different post planned for you this week, but the cloudy weather changed my plans (very hard to photograph with no natural light). Two – I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I thought it would be good for today!
September 2017 in review at frazzled JOY
Fall is finally here and I am so glad!! Along with the rain with had this week came cooler temperatures. Yay for sweater and boots! How is it possible though that September is mostly gone?? I swear, the older I get the faster time flies by.
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Cozy Fall Mantel

Happy Thursday friends! It’s a big day around here. My third baby turns 16 and takes his test to get his license this morning. Praying he passes!! He’s a pretty good driver, so I really have no doubt. I have mixed feelings about all of this. I’m happy to be doing less toting around of him AND his brother (they have very similar schedules), but I’m terrified when I think about him being out their on his own among all the other crazy drivers.¬† ūüėĮ But, anywho!! That’s what it’s all about mamas. They grow up and do new things and we learn to pray harder and harder with every passing year.
Wow, I didn’t mean to chat for that long, but there ya go! Today I’m sharing a few more shots of our fall mantel, and some more details. I’ve really started to settle into what I like design wise as of late. It’s somewhat eclectic, but not. Ha! Some might say modern farmhouse, others might say cozy minimalist. Maybe a combo of those. I’m definitely in a less is more phase, and I do like some history thrown in, but I also like a little bit of modern thrown in as well. Whatever you want to call it, it makes sense to me and I like it, and that’s all that matters!! So, for what it is, here is my version of a cozy fall mantel.
Cozy Fall Mantel
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Springified Mantel

Well, all the chicks have returned to the nest and we are back in our routine. ¬†The weather here has been like a yo-yo. ¬†One day in the 70s next day in the 30s. ¬†Since I can’t dig in the dirt yet I decided to springify the mantel. ¬†


I showed you last week my chevron backdrop project,



and showed you my burlap wreath here.



The rest of the things on the mantel I already had.  
You’ll see something different with the wreath – the accessory. ¬†The cross was cute, but something about it was bugging me, so it found a new home. ¬†


I just added it to the heart wreath that I keep on my door year around. ¬†I can never get the color on the front door to photograph well, but it’s the same as the inside here.
I was at Hobby Lobby looking for something to put in its place and the feather just spoke to me ;).  


Most of the time when I have a weird idea I tend to avoid it, but this time I went for it and I really like the look, it brings softness to it all.  



 Here it is all together again.


Simple enough that it will most likely stay like that for a while!! ¬†Very excited about the chevron backdrop and the potential. ¬†The command hook works perfectly to hold up the wreath – and I’m already thinking of other things I could hang on there when I get tired of the wreath!!
Blessings to you this week!  Take time and prepare your hearts for the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord!!
The crowds going ahead of Him, and those who followed, were shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David; BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD; Hosanna in the highest!”
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DIY Chevron Backdrop

Okay, so like a week ago I shared with you my burlap wreath.  And, my frustration over how well it blended in with the brick.  I was so bummed and had hit a brick wall {ha!}.  Then, as I walking in the back yard, I spotted this.
This was our attempt at building a “door” for our small shed to keep the dog out. ¬†It never stayed together the way we intended, the dog ran away :(, and we took it down. ¬†I asked my husband not to throw it out last summer because “I might use it”… and here it has sat since then. ¬†{have I mentioned our back yard needs lots of work?}
So, I started in tearing it apart.
And then cutting it up. ¬†I decided I didn’t really want it that long, so I thought I would cut the pickets in half. ¬†But, then I didn’t want only one end to have the points, so I decided to cut those off too. ¬†And then I put it back together using the same 1×2’s to anchor the pieces together.
Remember this wood wasn’t perfect to begin with and it had been sitting outside for months through all the elements. ¬†Perfectly imperfect!!
I had grand plans for this piece.  I love the look of chevron and you remember I shared this picture with you.  
source: MadeByGirl
So….I read several tutorials on how to make chevron stripes and finally thought I had it figured out….sorta.
For the background color, I used the white paint that I used to paint my built-ins, and doors for a cohesive look that I might be able to use year around. ¬†Remember, I’m not worried about it being perfect so I just slapped the paint on there, not bothering with the holes, or getting complete coverage. ¬†
Then for the chevron design. ¬†I’m so not one for measuring more than necessary so I decided to use the planks for the vertical lines and use a yard stick for the horizontal lines. ¬†Honestly I wasn’t sure how wide I wanted the stripes to be. ¬†I’ve told you before I’m a VERY visual person. ¬†So I decided to just use the width of the yardstick to make horizontal lines across the whole piece. ¬†I would decide after which ones to use.¬†
Then I brought out the tape and starting making the angles. ¬†Simply choose how many “rectangles” wide you want the stripe to be and how many “planks” long you want the stripe to be and you have your angle. ¬†Okay – seriously – I was majorly winging it. ¬†ūüôā ¬†The taping part can get a little tricky – don’t get in too big of a hurry. ¬†I’m soooo impatient so yes this was hard for me, but luckily it was a small piece. ¬†The big spaces are where you will paint, and the small spaces will stay the original color. ¬†Make sure you press down the edges of the tape to prevent the paint from seeping under.
I decided to use the wall color that I used in my living room, again to achieve a cohesive look. ¬†Again, not worried about perfection, {but not wanting the paint to bleed under the tape} I painted on a fairly light coat. ¬†By the time I got to the end of the board I was almost giddy!! ¬†I couldn’t wait to pull the tape…
so I didn’t!!! ¬†Look at the finished product!!
It is exactly how I envisioned!!  

I was left with quite a few pencil lines on the white paint.  

Nothing that a damp rag won’t remove, especially if you make your lines as light as possible.

Now, it is fairly heavy so I plan on mounting a nice picture hanger wire to the back.  My hubby had installed a screw into the brick years ago for me to hang things on.  Then I will use a command hook on the board to be able to hang things {like my wreath} on the front of the board.  Perfect imperfection!!  LOVE!! 

This will give you an idea of what it will look like.

I hope to get my mantel spruced up sometime this week, so I can share with you the complete look. ¬†But, let’s get real folks – it’s spring break ;)!!

Blessings to you and yours!!

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Heart Day Mantel

The rain here today has been refreshing to my soul. ¬†It is such a glorious sight and sound!! ¬†We were under a tornado watch when I woke up this morning which is always fun, but hey. ¬†So, instead of doing the painting I had planned on doing today. ¬†I decided to work on some Valentine decor. ¬†I don’t usually decorate for Valentine’s Day but I have to confess my mantel has been bare since Christmas came down and I was finally tired of looking at the emptiness. ¬†Sometimes for me emptiness is good for a while – cleansing maybe. ¬†Anywho….I have seen so many cute things floating around the blog world so I decided “why not”. ¬†Here is the big picture. ¬†


I spent around $5 a couple of weeks ago on some cute variegated yarn and started making some hearts – following instructions that I found here. ¬†If you can crochet, these are very simple and quick. ¬†(And, by the way, if you start to crochet something and forget how to do a stitch because you haven’t done it in a long time – youtube is your friend.)


Aren’t they cute?? ¬†When I had all the hearts I wanted I decided I wanted to make a garland so I made a chain using a large hook and double strand of yarn. ¬†Then I very carefully (not) tied the hearts to the chain in a somewhat symmetrical pattern.
I also purchased some felt pieces in pink, red, purple, and white of course. ¬†I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with them until I started putting things together today. ¬†And this is what I came up with. ¬†You may have seen something similar with paper doily¬†hearts, but I didn’t have any of those and today was all about using things I already had. ¬†



I have been scared to try the whole chalkboard writing thing. ¬†Because I don’t think my handwriting is that good. ¬†I tried several tricks that I found here and there and none of them worked – probably because I was doing them wrong. ¬†So, I just decided to take the leap. ¬†I started with this¬†



and ended with this.  



Not too bad I think. ¬†I added some ribbon to the frame to dress it up a bit. ¬†I have had this chalkboard hanging in my kitchen forever. ¬†Sometimes with a verse, sometimes with a list, sometimes with a schedule, sometimes with a menu. ¬†It has served many purposes, and all the while with that plain store-bought frame. ¬†ūüôā
The last piece of the puzzle was another pinterest find.  I have seen several different versions of these with all different sorts of words.  I am in love!!  I had the frames and the paper in my craft closet РI just picked and font and sent the paper through my printer.  



Here is a side tip that maybe you already know.  How to remove sticker residue.  These frames had been sitting in the closet for over a year with the price stickers still on them.  So, when I got ready to take them off, of course they did not come off easy.  So, baby oil and a cotton ball (and some elbow grease) to the rescue.  Tear off as much as you can by hand and then rub over the spot with the cotton ball coated in baby oil.  
In just a minute or two it will all be gone!!  Way better than killing your fingernails trying to scrape it off!!
I love the finished mantel and that it was cheap.  
Things have been crazy busy around here lately and I don’t see any signs of it letting up anytime soon, so I was happy for the rain as an excuse to stay in and do some crafting!!

Linking up at Our Fifth House today. ¬†Lots of fun Valentine’s day projects over there to check out!
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