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Blessed Fall Mantel 2018

Would you believe me if I told you that I finished decorating for fall in about an hour? And most of that time was spent on this mantel! Haha!! To be honest, this is how I decorate for most holidays and/or seasons. I love to create a fun mantel that sets the tone for the rest of the house, and then maybe sprinkle in a little decor here and there around the rest of the house. And, this year, out of my two tubs of fall decor, I barely even used 1/4 of one. And, I’m totally okay with that!
Blessed Fall Mantel
I don’t want to make it sound like this mantel decor was hard to put together, because it wasn’t! But, I did shop my house which honestly took more time than anything because my home decor stuff is not very organized and kind of all over the place. That’s another problem for another day though.  😉
Orange poms and tobacco basket fall mantel decor
I found this tobacco basket at Hobby Lobby (this one is similar) a while back and I’ve been wanting to incorporate it on the mantel. I thought fall would be the perfect season, and I was right!
Orange poms and tobacco basket fall mantel decor
The orange poms are also from Hobby Lobby. I bought them for last year’s mantel, but I love them so much they made a repeat performance! This time they are filling this cute vase from Magnolia that I got last spring when we visited.
Blessed fall mantel
The antique window has pretty much become a permanent fixture on our mantel because I love it. I like having a big piece to anchor everything else around it, and it’s neutral so it works!
Fall mantel decor using antique window
It also gives me the perfect place to hang a wreath! I made this hoop wreath last year and I thought it went perfectly with the colors I was working with.
antique window fall hoop wreath fall mantel decor
The “blessed” sign was again from Hobby Lobby (on clearance last year however, sorry). The sweater pumpkins were made by me. You can check out the tutorial here, or I have a wide variety for sale in my Etsy shop!
sweater pumpkins and hoop wreath fall mantel decor
I found the candlesticks at goodwill several months ago. I had intended on painting them, but never got around to it. I think the color blends well with the rustic, natural look going on here, so I left them as is.
Pumpkins atop candlesticks fall mantel decor
The burlap pumpkins perched atop the candlesticks are from Dollar Tree last year. I told you I shopped my house! Not one new purchase!! Yay for “No Spend September” success!!
Blessed Natural Fall Mantel
Have you decorated for fall yet? The temperatures have finally turned here, and aside from a few warmer days this week, I think we are in the clear!! WOOHOO! I’m ready for sweaters and boots!

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