September 2017 In Review

Hey there! So two things. One – I had a totally different post planned for you this week, but the cloudy weather changed my plans (very hard to photograph with no natural light). Two – I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I thought it would be good for today!
September 2017 in review at frazzled JOY
Fall is finally here and I am so glad!! Along with the rain with had this week came cooler temperatures. Yay for sweater and boots! How is it possible though that September is mostly gone?? I swear, the older I get the faster time flies by.
I thought I would round up what happened on the blog as well as what has been happening on the home front.

On the home front

On the home front we have been all about chasing our kids all over to watch them do all the things they love!
It’s marching season, so there has been a lot of this.
Marching Band
I wasn’t in band in high school, so I never realized how time consuming marching season is. My boys are exhausted and working their tails off right now. Thankfully, it’s a short season, and they will make it through just fine.
Our youngest is also running cross country again this fall. So, when we’re not watching him march on the field, we are watching him run in the fields. Ha! (oh and sometimes the fields are muddy, ugh)
cross country running
And then, of course, there’s this….

new driver

Yep, my third baby turned 16 and got his license (btw, I can never, ever spell that word correctly, ever). Don’t you love his fancy ride??  😀
Oh, and This is Us premiered. Did you watch?? I’m so happy it’s back!!

On the blog

On the blog this month we have been all about decking our home for fall, with a couple of crafts thrown in for good measure. If you missed a post, click on the picture and you will be taken there :).
Easy and Cheap DIY Chalkboard
Fall Tablescape in Shades of Blue
Fall Home Tour frazzled JOY 2017
Cozy Fall Mantel
Positivity Jar
I’ve been trying to share more day to day on Instagram stories lately. Do you love them or hate them?? I love getting a glimpse into the person behind the blog! If you’re not already following along on Insta please join us there!!
Oh, and, there are new fall things in the Etsy shop!!
And, I am currently working on Christmas stuff  😮  Yep, I said it!! Only 88 days friends. Ha!!


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