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Gallery Wall With DIY Art

Hey friends! I’m not sure this deserves a whole post, but I’m gonna write it anyway! HAHA!! I told you a few weeks ago when I shared my DIY art that I wasn’t going to show you where it was going yet. Well, it’s in place and the gallery wall around it is done, so I’m sharing it today!
I love it so!! Gallery walls have stumped me over the years. But, I just keep trying my hand at them, and I think I’m getting better. Just like with anything else in life – in design, practice makes perfect (well, maybe not perfect, but definitely better ;)). Just for reference, here is what this wall looked like before.
Those photos were a gift to my hubby on our 10th anniversary…15 years ago. He loved them! He loves having pictures of family all over our home, and I do as well, I was just ready for something different on that wall. 🙂

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I purchase the three word art prints from Hobby Lobby when their wall art was 50% off. A few things I had had my eye on for a while now. The wreath I found in my stash, and is actually three wreath put together with a little wire. A grapevine wreath for the base and a couple of the lambs ear (?) “wreaths” from the Target Dollar Spot added to the top. I love the extra texture it adds to the gallery.
The last piece of the puzzle came in the form of a small rectangular mirror (top left) that I purchased while thrifting quite a while ago. I love using mirrors in decor and I originally purchased this one to use in our built-ins. But, it just didn’t work where I wanted it, so it had sat in my garage forever.

Love Story / PS I love you / You, me ,us (couldn’t find online unfortunately)

It was just the right size and shape to fill the space, but not the right color (ugly spray painted silver), so I spray painted the frame with a navy gloss. Perfect!
Gallery walls don’t have to be intimidating, and I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do them. It’s just whatever style or aesthetic fits your personality and home! If you need some ideas I suggest heading to Pinterest of course. I have a board dedicated to gallery wall inspiration!
I have a few more plans for this room. Nothing too major, but just a couple of extra touches I would like to add. We shall see when that makes it to the top of the list!! (like my classy fan on the nightstand – reality friends lol)
Thanks for following along and reading here!!


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