Checking In On Our 2019 Goals

Well hello there!! Every time I take a big break from blogging (like I have this month) it’s never intentional. I just get busy with life, maybe a little uninspired, maybe just not feeling like writing. But, I always, always end up missing it. So, I’m back!!
Today I thought it would be a good idea to check in and see how we were doing with our 2019 goals! Since there’s only two months left in this year, maybe I still have time to make it!

I was pretty sure I knew what my one goal was for this year, and I was right. Check out this post for more info, but basically I was trying to get this house out of the 95% club and into the 100% done club. HAHAHA!!
And, of course, we are far from that goal. We have done way more room makeovers, and projects than I ever thought we would this year! Which has been good and much needed, but with each of those projects, I think I added a few more unfinished things to my list. UGH! (as I sit here looking at my disheveled baseboards that need touching up and caulking after putting in our new floors)
So….I’ve got two months. I’m telling you right now, there is no way I’m completing all those little things before January 1. But, I am going to make those baseboards look as good as the floors!
This is why I don’t make specific goals folks. I feel like I need more room to change things up, or add things in. Lame I know, but that’s how I operate. I always have my running list, so when I get bored, I can pull it out and check something off.
This all sounds very ambiguous though doesn’t it? How is she going to get anything done with that attitude?? I hear ya!! So, my plan moving forward is to work in one room at a time, one little project at a time. Touching up paint, adding trim, painting the back of doors…yes, that’s right.  😳
I just feel like this would be more efficient instead of trying to do all one thing all through the house or jumping around the way I tend to do. I need an accountability partner. Anyone? HAHA!!
Love y’all! Thanks for sticking around! How are you with projects?? Do you finish 100%? Or do you leave just one little thing undone, and call it good enough? (because no one can really see that anyway  😉 )

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