Mini Master Bath Revamp

If you’ve been around my blog for any amount of time you should know that I have two requirements for my home projects.  They must be DIYable, and they must be budget friendly.

So, this mini makeover was no exception.  Again, so very pleased with the outcome.  I love it when things turn out as good or better than the picture in my head.

If you were here for my Master Bedroom Update during the One Room Challenge then you probably saw these pictures of this part of our master bathroom.

Yes, as I’ve eluded before – this area is open to our master bedroom.  I truly hated it before, but now, it doesn’t bother me AS MUCH.  Still would love to close it off somehow.  But that was more DIY and budget than I wanted to get into right now.  Here’s a look from the bedroom now.  Not as bad right?  (humor me :))

I used most of the same accessories as were here before.  That small vase was a wedding gift and it got filled with tiny spiral shells from our 20th anniversary trip to the beach, and the other shells are from our honeymoon.  The figurine was a gift from my hubby.  The mirror was a Marshall’s purchase (14.99).  And the wall art was on clearance at Hobby Lobby (4.99).

The basket that holds all of our essentials was the same one that was there – it just got a paint job.  I made another sea-shell foam soap – this time with clear soap and it definitely shows off the shells better.  I wrapped an inexpensive vase (that I had) with some jute to hold brushes and combs. And, to finish things up the towels (aren’t they fab) were also from Marshall’s (5.99 each). The towel rack is one that I had elsewhere that wasn’t being used.

I could not find a before pic of the light fixture (bad blogger).  But it was antique brass before and it got a coat of the same spray paint I used on the drawer pulls.  Better, for now.  And you can see here how I framed the mirror.

So this project was all DIY, and only cost me around $75.  (wood for mirror frame – $40, stand mirror, wall art, and towels).  That qualifies as a great mini makeover in my book!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Have a blessed day :).

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The Framing of the Vanity Mirror {the project that ate my lunch}

For a couple of years now I have been seeing, pinning, and reading posts from other bloggers on framing the large vanity mirrors from the 80s. Of which I have two.  All along I thought – simple, inexpensive, DIY update.  

And then this past week I decided to give it a go. I picked out my trim, cut the trim, finished the trim, and prepared to hang the trim.  Duh, duh, duh.  In no way could I have prepared myself for the peril and frustration that was awaiting me!!

Let me just start by saying, I am not afraid to DIY anything!  I will try just about anything completely on my own.  However, you must know, that often times, I am coming up with solutions for unforeseen problems all. along. the. way.  And this time was one of those times.  

So, let’s start at the start.  (Terrible lighting in this room + inexperienced photographer = not so good pics, but I tried.)

And, yes if you’re new here, our master bathroom vanity area is open to our master bedroom.  

I decided that in all the light colored surroundings in this area, I wanted to stain the trim with a dark stain rather than painting it.   So, I did that.  My go to staining supplies.

I prefer to apply stain with a rag rather than a brush.  I just feel like I have more control as to how much is going on and how quickly it’s coming off.  Definitely a must for this method is gloves!!  This is what the gloves looked like after, and what my fingers looked like from forgetting the gloves at first. 😉

Then it was time to attach the trim to the mirror/wall.  And time for the madness…. Most of the tutorials that I referenced constructed the frame before adhering it to the mirror, but considering the crooked mirror and the crooked walls surrounding the mirror I didn’t think that would be the best for my application.  If you are able, I would recommend assembling the frame first, as shown in this tutorial.

As I mentioned – crooked mirror – I discovered was that the mirror was about 1/4″ off of being centered on the wall. Annoying considering I was planning on the trim going all the way from the edge of the mirror to the corner of the wall.  Also, I had not considered the depth of the mirror when planning how to attach the trim to the wall. In my experience with trim, I have used liquid nails to adhere it to the surface, which I have been very successful with. However, I have never used trim this large, nor on an uneven surface. Puzzle #1.  My (partial) solution:

Yes, those are paint sticks…  I needed something that was a similar depth as the mirror to give me a surface the glue to adhere the trim to, and these fit the bill, and I didn’t have to go back to the store. Puzzle #2 came to light when I tried to hold the pieces in place to dry with my usual method – painter’s tape – the trim was too heavy for that…so I had to use some finishing nails.  Which was fine.  The glue will be what holds the pieces in place for good, I just needed something other than myself to hold them in place until the glue dried!!

You can’t see from this picture well, but this was after about an hour and a half of sweating trying to get this dumb trim to do what I wanted. Something I expected to take about 45 minutes!!

So, I let it rest until the next day and then I added another small piece of trim to the inside – which was necessary to solve the first problem of the 1/4″ off-center.  

Here it is in all it’s glory after all the blood, sweat, and tears, and angry growls!!

And, yes, that is my unmade bed in the reflection!!  Keepin’ it real friends!!  I don’t know about you, but when I am victorious over a project that has eaten my lunch, making my bed is not my first priority!!  HA!!  I really love how it turned out!  🙂

I am sharing this with you more as an encouragement than a tutorial.  Than are far better tutorials out there like this one.  But, I want you to know and understand that just because it’s easy peasy for one person, doesn’t mean it’s going to be for you.  BUT…that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it!!  I blog about projects to show that you don’t have to be trained to do some simple updates around your house.  You don’t have to pay professionals to do things for you.  Have fun!!  Dive in head-first.  Don’t worry about things going wrong – because most likely they will!!  But, that’s why God gave us a brain – to figure things out!!  Decorating and DIY is an adventure for me, and I love trying new things. And, in the end, I find myself standing back and gazing in shock that I actually did that!!  Cool!!

So, now it’s your turn!!  Go out and DIY today!! If I can do it, you can do it!!

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Cabinet Door Pull Makeover

There is a new project going on over here (surprise I know)!!  Our master bath is getting some more love. 🙂  I decided to makeover the vanity area, finally.  I wanted to update the cabinet door pulls.  I thought about buying new, but then I decided I could make the old look like new for a fraction of the cost.

Here is the finished product :)!!  Aren’t they perfect??  

When I was out shopping around for possible replacements, I spotted these at Hobby Lobby.  

And it was then that I knew I could do this myself with the pulls I already had.

Here is where I started.  

The bottom is before and the top is after I spray painted them with Rustoleum’s satin nickel. (same color I used on the lamps in the master bedroom) I bought the one that is paint + primer and I love it.  It coats so well and it has such a great finish.  I chose the satin nickel to match the other fixtures is the bathroom area.

After giving them a coat of paint,

I simply wrapped jute around the middle of the pull, gluing here and there to make it secure. I decided I wanted to mimic the pattern I made on the lamps in my master bedroom redo.

And ended up with this look.

And here is a sneak peek of them on the vanity.  🙂

Fun, casual, and a hint of beachy!!  Looovvveee!!!
A few more things to finish up for this quick and budget friendly makeover before I share it all!!

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Desk Chair Transformation {from ugly and boring to cute and sassy}

Today I am working on some crafting, redoing centered around my desk chair.  I have had the idea for a long time, to recover our ugly, well-used desk chair.  Several options were swimming around in my head.  I knew I wanted it removable for washing.  {Since I have messy children.}  I knew I wanted it to be durable.  I knew I wanted it to be cute {since I had been living with ugly boring for so long}.  We really have had this chair for probably 10 years.  It functions fine – it just looks awful.  So, after bouncing around many ideas in my head I settled on the fabric and the details.  All the necessary supplies…I already had!!  Here is what I ended up with!!!  

I am excited beyond belief!!!  It is exactly what I wanted and even more!!!  {I’m sorry for all the exclamation marks, but man I love it when I can actually create what is in my head!!!}

Isn’t it ca-ute?!?  Considering what I started with I would say a much needed improvement.  
The most fun part was digging pulling my sewing machine out of the closet.  I haven’t sewn in forever!!  I truly believe that if you have a machine and know some basic skills – you can slip-cover just about anything.  I learned long ago from watching DIY television the way I start a slipcover.  Drape your fabric – cut quite a bit bigger than the piece – over the piece you are trying to cover and then pull out your pins.  Start pinching and pinning all the way around the piece.  Now you have you sewing guide.    

you might notice that the fabric in these picture look a little whiter than the others- it is – I was going to line it and decided against it – because I’m too lazy :), and it really wasn’t necessary.

Take your piece to the machine and sew right on the line created by your pins.  Easy peasy!!  {If you are using a fabric that has a definite wrong and right side, make sure the right side (the pretty side) of the fabric is facing or against the piece you are covering – ugly side showing.}  

Trim off the excess fabric, leaving about an inch outside the seam.  Then you will want press/iron your seams “open”/flat.  This piece has some curves on it, so I clipped the corner seams every so often so they would lie flat.  Then turn it inside out and “try it on”.  
For the seat, you may just want to take apart the chair and staple the fabric to the bottom.  But, I wanted mine to be removable, so I decided the best way to do that was to use elastic.  I cut a piece of fabric {which is a canvas drop cloth BTW}, large enough that it will fold under the edges of the seat well.  When I cut, I cut a square.  Obviously my chair seat is not a square exactly.  So, I folded the piece in fourths {half one way and then half the other way} and cut a curve on the four corners.  I folded it so I could cut the curves at the same time, so the curves would be the same.  

Somethings do not need to be perfect and this is one of them.  Now, this part could be a little tricky if you have never sewn before.  You will need to sew a narrow hem all the way around your piece.  Then you will need to create a “casing” for the elastic.  I find it helpful to use my iron here.  I fold, and press down the edge wide enough to sew the edge and still have room for the elastic to go through easily.  {about 1/4″ larger than the elastic you are using – I used 1/4″ wide elastic}  After you have your fold pressed all the way around the piece – back to the machine.

Stitch on top of the stitching line you made when you hemmed the edge, making sure you leave a little opening at the end to put the elastic through.  Cut your elastic the same size as the bottom of the chair.  {better for it to be too big than too small}  Thread the elastic through the casing.  Try it on and pull the elastic until you have a tight fit.  Then you will need to stitch the ends of the elastic together at it’s tightened point.  I use zig-zag for this and go back and forth across several times to secure the pieces together.  

Then sew up the hole.  I used this same procedure for the arm-rest covers.  
I could have very well stopped here – much improved all ready, but I wanted to add some cuteness.  First, I decided to try my hand at an initial stencil.  Again, using what I had, I printed a G with a font I liked, as large as I could get it on one page.  Then, I traced the G onto some clear contact paper.  Very carefully, I cut out the inside of the G – leaving a sticky stencil.  The edges were all curling up so I put some heavy books on it overnight – worked like a charm.  

Pealing off the paper backing from the contact paper proved to be pretty tricky.  Then I placed the stencil in the middle of the back of my chair cover, pressing down all the edges really good.  I pulled out the paint I used on my front door, and a sponge brush, and went to work.  I squished off most the paint on my brush each time to help keep it from bleeding beyond the stencil.  Perfect!!  

Then I decided to treat the bottom of the back cover with some pleated “trim”.  Again, this might be a little tricky for someone with less sewing knowledge, so no tutorial on that – this time :).  I really did wing it on this part.  I barely measured the piece of fabric I used and eyeballed the size of the pleats.  It’s not perfect, but I love the way it turned out!!!

Here again, a before and after for your viewing pleasure.  

I have a couple of other “home office” improvements in store that I will hopefully be able to show you soon!!  
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From Mudhole to Rocky Masterpiece

While I was away in New York, hubby got to work on one of his top outdoor projects.  Along one side of our house we have a mud pit.  There are several trees along the fence line and over the years, less and less grass – and all the rain drains that direction.  So, when it’s wet that side is virtually useless, which is too bad because that is the side with the air conditioner, and the door to the garage.  So, hubby did this:

Here it is before he started to work.  

Ya, it’s also where we store all of our junk…

We have toyed with the idea of filling in the area with some kind of gravel and maybe some stepping stones.  So, step one was clearing out and somewhat leveling the area.
Then hubby outlined the area with some landscape edging, to hold in the rocks.  We chose this edging for the ease of installation, and because it was one of the most pliable.  Just laying down along your area and driving some stakes in the edge.  
We wanted to make sure the rocks wouldn’t creep under the fence or into the yard.  Hubby also decided to take care of a problem area on the other side of that gate – and a new place for the trash cans.
Then came the rocks – a whole truckload.

There’s that ornery puppy that I mentioned yesterday…and a cute little helper spreading rocks. 🙂

Here’s the before and after again of the two spots.  

I am still thinking of placing some stepping stones amongst the pebbles to make a path.  Walking on these barefoot is not super comfortable.  But, I love the result – no mud, and now the trash cans are tucked away rather than being up front by the driveway.  Great job Honey!!

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