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If you follow me on instagram or if you follow along here.  You might remember that I had an impromptu coloring session with my little boys last week.  They enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to put away our supplies.  But….I also didn’t want all that spread out all over my kitchen table everyday.  

I left it out but I had my eye out for something different to store supplies in. While cleaning out my dreaded craft closet I came across this.

It was originally meant for a utensil holder.  I had used it in my kitchen for years to hold note pads and pens by the phone.  I am gradually changing the color scheme in the kitchen (and I never really need to take messages by the phone), so out it went.  

As I looked at it I decided it would be perfect to hold creative supplies and it would be small and cute. But…not in the red.  So, I found some spray paint in my newly organized garage, along with my favorite spray paint nozzle, and I went to work.

I have to confess – I stink at spray painting.  I don’t have a ton of experience, and I am not patient.  I want to be done – I want to see the finished project, so I generally end up with some drips and runs here and there.  Lucky for me, this time they aren’t too visible (if you don’t look too close).  

After it was dry (barely – again, very impatient) I grabbed my handy dandy chalkboard vinyl and added a label to the front.

Then I began to fill it up with the necessities – crayons, markers, and newly sharpened colored pencils in all the colors of the rainbow and then some.  I also printed off some more coloring sheets from here.  Really neat site with free printable coloring sheets in lots of different themes. The boys surprised me by liking the word art. 
I had printed those for myself and some abstract stuff I thought the boys would like, but they went straight for the words.  What do you know?!?  So, I printed several more word art pics.

I can’t wait to see if they are attracted to color again soon :).  I think things like art and music are very important for children of all ages – they use their left brain the majority of the day, it’s good to exercise the right side as well!!

Blessings to you and yours!!  I hope you have a second to do something creative today 🙂


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