High Five on Friday #4

Hi friends! Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here. Have you ever been in a slump? You know what I mean right? When you just don’t feel like doing anything. Well, this happened to me last week. You see the last few months have just got me holidayed and celebrated out. November – Thanksgiving, birthday. December – Christmas (and everything that goes along with that). January – birthdays and back to school. February – Valentine’s Day and birthday. I’m done. Don’t show me another decoration or idea or anything. But then, the internet…and my darling husband who is a constant source of encouragement to me. I found lots of great stuff to share and my creative juices are flowing like a river again – so be on the lookout for some fun stuff in the near future! Now on to the fun!
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High Five on Friday #3

How can it possibly be Friday again?!? This week flew by, but also creeped by ever so slowly. Does that make sense to anyone else?? We were busy as usual, but the days just seemed to go on forever, and most days I really just wanted to make it to my bed at the end of it all. Hubby has been sick the past couple of days, which is no good. Here’s praying that no one else gets whatever he has. Anyway….it’s Friday!! YAY!! I’ve got some great things to share again!
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High Five on Friday

Hey there friends!! I hate to say this will be a regular series, because to be honest, I’m terrible at those!! 😳 But…I’m going to try!! I am always finding things that I love on the interwebs! I try to share them with my hubby, but honestly he doesn’t care most of the time. 😆 He tries his best to act interested, bless him. 😉 So, I thought maybe you would like me to share them with you!! So here we go with “High Five on Friday”!

High five on Friday

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