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Hello there! I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! As I shared before, hubby and I celebrated 22 years this weekend. It was a great weekend! We opted to stay home and chill rather than getting out of town. Since our younger three left for a church trip on Saturday we really only had to deal with the 20year old, and he’s hardly home anyway! Saturday we spent some time exploring a flea market, eating yummy bbq for lunch, napping (which I never do, but apparently really needed), followed by some yummy Mexican food on the lake, and watching the sunset. And we got to witness a cute proposal – bonus!

sunset anniversary sunset

Sunday we slept in (do you see a theme yet? we were exhausted from the previous month), watched live stream church service, then did some yard work. Our corner shade bed that I created a couple years ago needed a border. It is in the path of some major water run off that was killing one of my hostas, and taking off with my mulch. I discovered a pile of rock on the side of the house that I had forgotten we had, and we were able to piece together enough to border the bed. We buried the rock almost to ground level for two reasons – so my boys won’t trip over them when playing ball, and because the rocks were all different sizes. We also did a little tree and bush trimming that needed to be done.

shade garden

I have been really trying to take back my health this past year. Nothing major, just wanting to feel better daily – not tired all the time, achy all the time, anxious all the time, etc. Taking some supplements, trying to eat better, and now trying to add in some physical activity everyday. I hate to exercise so this part is difficult. I am taking advantage of the weather this spring and summer to hopefully get into a habit that I can continue when the weather is not so great. Pray for me. 40year old bodies just don’t work as well as 20year old bodies if you don’t make them move regularly I am discovering.


Monday we got our garage back in order. It was quite a mess after the One Room Challenge. Mostly my doing of course, but I was thankful that hubby helped in the clean-up. We closed out the weekend by grilling some steaks and fresh veggies. Yum!


I know it sounds like we were busy all weekend, but actually we did A LOT of resting. Which was so needed and so wonderful. I snapped this picture one evening when we were just hangin on the couch, and I realized that our home is finally a home I love. Even with the worn out furniture and messes. After almost 15 years, it now feels like home. Take my advice – don’t wait 10 years to start making your house a home because of doubt. Take some chances. Make some changes. Put your own stamp on it. Make your house a place that you would be happy to call home. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money! Our home is proof of that!

front of house

I am really kind of tired of the front of our house these days. I’m over the bushes and the shutters have seen better days. The paint job that we did several years ago is not looking so hot either. I’m thinking I will be doing some neighborhood stalking soon to figure out what I might want to do to change it up a bit – on a budget of course. Stay tuned for inspiration pictures!
I still have a couple of projects to share from our closet makeover, and one more project from the party. I’ll be back soon with those! 😉

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