A Few Things I’m Loving Lately

Hey there everyone!! I have zero home decor or DIY things to share with you today. 🙁 We have been very busy as a family lately, and any work at home has been focused on the One Room Challenge. So today I thought I would share a few things with you that I’m loving lately.
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Doing DIY might be fun, but it sure is hard on your hands. Particularly your nails. I can’t afford to get a manicure regularly, but I still like to have somewhat nice looking nails. I mean, who doesn’t. One of my biggest issues is my cuticles. With all the work I do, they are always dry, splitting, or cracking. I have tried so many different cuticle softener, oils, removers, etc to no avail. Until I found this.
Sally Hansen cuticle eraser and balm
I love it! And it works! And it’s gentle! (some of those cuticle removers have some scary warning labels) Sometimes I use it everyday. I simply put in on and massage it into my cuticles at night before I go to bed. I also like the smell – bonus. It keeps my cuticles soft like nothing else ever has!
I recently ordered this book. I had thought about giving it as a gift. But, when it came I started flipping through the pages and knew I would have to either order another one or choose another gift, because this one was mine. It beautiful, full of stories about southern life and culture, and recipes.
Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon
Speaking of good reading material…if you haven’t grabbed your copy of this magazine yet, you need to. It is full of Christmas decor inspiration of all kinds by several bloggers that I love!
Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas
Lastly, my hubby and I attended a local craft fair this weekend. Boy, was it packed!! I kept spotting these hats in several of the booths. I had seen other people with them but had never tried them before. Wow, so soft and so warm! The one I got was chenille like this one which makes it extra soft. There are lots of options here for other colors too. But, if you want it to be super soft make sure you get a “chenille” one.
CC Chenille Beanie
Well, that’s it for now! Hope some of these things are helpful! Maybe something you were looking for! Have a blessed day friends and be sure to come back Thursday for another ORC update where I hope to have LOTS more to share!!


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