Winter White Mantel

I was sitting on the couch taking a break yesterday and I was staring at my half empty mantel. Does anyone else leave empty spaces around the house after Christmas?? I took the Christmas decorations down, but I never put anything back up in their place. I do this quite often actually after Christmas. Mostly because I’m not sure what needs to go in it’s place. Often times I’m bored with what was there before. So, I just leave things empty. Give the house room to breathe for a while. And give my mind space to imagine. But, yesterday, it needed something. So, I shopped the house, and gathered together some winter looking items and there you have it!

A Winter White Mantel

Winter White Mantel Decor
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Cozied Up Master Bedroom For Winter

Are the temps getting cooler where you are?? We were forced to turn on the heat about a week ago because we had a night with temps below freezing. When it gets cooler outside, I always feel like getting cozy. That means pulling out all the cozy sweaters, cozy bedding, soft blankets, and pillows. The softer and the fluffier the better! Am I right? I had been on the lookout for a new comforter for our bed. I only had a few requirements: it needed to match our current color scheme – navy blue and white/cream/beige, it needed to be 100% cotton, and it needed to not break the budget. TJ Maxx to the rescue!! And it’s so fluffy!! Not too warm, and not too light. Perfect!

cozy navy and neutral bedding

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