Making Bedrooms Functional and Awesome

Let’s talk bedrooms today.  Bedrooms are a little tricky when it comes to function, because almost everyone has different needs.  But, the basics are the same.

Everyone needs a bed, and storage for clothing. Aside from that, the possibilities are endless.  

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If you are working with a nursery, then you might want a place for nursing and rocking – some sort of rocking chair.  And then you will need some storage for baby things.

For a toddler room, you are definitely going to need more storage for toys and books and such. Also, with a toddler room you might want to give it a little personality – maybe to fit your child’s interests at the time.  Or, maybe, if you’re not crazy like me, you might want to choose something that could transition with them for a while and last a little while design wise.

Grade-school to tween is pretty much the same – bed, clothes storage, toy storage – with maybe the addition of a desk.  As far as design, this again is dependent on how long it needs to last.  Kids love spaces that are taylored to their personalties, and their likes. And, there are ways to do that without getting too themey.

How?  you ask.  Well, for me – keep the big things basic.  Bedding, paint, window treatments – keep those in a solid color or a pattern that fits the “theme” or decor.  Use accessories to really make the “theme” come alive.

Teen rooms are all about making a place where they feel comfortable.  They want a more grown-up space but they still want to show their own personality.  I think this is a great time to get them involved in the design.  Then their is some ownership in it.  Teens need a place where they can retreat.

For us grown-ups, it’s all about a sanctuary. Often times, the master bedroom is forgotten territory.  For years, our bedroom was the room of cast-off furniture.  Full of mis-matched pieces, that didn’t fit the space.  Just like teens, moms and dads need a place to retreat and relax. Don’t neglect your own space.  Make sure that you only have things in the room that make day to day easy.  

We are very close to having spaces for each of the children that suit them perfectly, after the biggen’ went to college and everyone moved. It has definitely been a process and I can’t wait to share!!

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