31 Days Series Launch 2014

Okay, so here we go!!  It’s October 1st and you know what that means!!  Well, maybe you don’t but for me it means, time to do this writing thing!!  I mentioned on Monday that I was getting ready for the 31 Day Challenge hosted by The Nester.  And, today is day 1!!
If you are unfamiliar with the 31 Day Challenge it is simply a challenge to us bloggers who wish to participate to choose one topic and blog about it EVERYDAY for 31 days. Yes, quite the challenge, but it is a good one that stretches you creative mind a bit.  So, you will be seeing a lot more posts from me than usual but I hope to keep most of them brief so as not to wear y’all out :).
Last year we talked about money for a month, this year I will be talking about making your home function for your family.  So many times I have caught myself thinking “oh, my goodness, we need to move – this house is just not working for us.”  Well, yes sometimes that IS the only solution.  But, sometimes we really just need to get in there and make it work.  
31 days series - a more functional, and pleasing space for you and your family.
I will be sharing with you my thoughts on this, things I’ve done in our home, and some very practical applications for how to make this work in your own home.  Hope to have you join along!!

If you get behind on posts, or you want to look back at one to read again, this page will be a point of reference.  There will be a button, like the one above, on my sidebar that will lead you to this page.  Here, I will update everyday with a link to all posts.  Happy reading and may you be encouraged!!

Day 1 :  Series Launch (you are here:))
Day 2 : Tired Of Feeling Stuck
Day 3 : Figuring Out The Root of The Problem
Day 4 : Prioritizing The Problems
Day 5 : A Grateful Heart
Day 6 : Lightening The Load
Day 7 : How Does Your Family Function?
Day 8 : Making It Pretty
Day 9 : You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune
Day 10 : One Space Down
Day 11 : And From There…
Day 12 : Treasures
Day 13 :  Closets
Day 14 : A Functioning Master Closet
Day 15 : A More Functional Linen Closet
Day 16 : Private Spaces
Day 17 : The Garage
Day 18 : A Fun Place To Do Laundry
Day 19 : Looking After Our Home
Day 20 : Making Bedrooms More Functional and Awesome
Day 21 : The Bathroom Function + Form
Day 22 : Home Office Function
Day 23 : Public Spaces and Function
Day 24 : Taking a Moment
Day 25 : The Gathering Spaces
Day 26 : The Joy of Gathering Together
Day 27 : Organized Gathering Spaces
Day 28 : The Guest Bath
Day 29 : Kitchens – The Heart of the Home
Day 30 : A Functional Kitchen is a Must
Day 31 : Functionality At It’s Best

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