Looking Back at 2017

Wow, that was a great break! Have you enjoyed some time off with family? I still have a few days before my kiddos head back to school, and I am going to enjoy every moment. But, I am itching to get back into the groove of our regular routine. As we come to the end of 2017, we are looking back at the year and evaluating how we did. Just like I’m sure a lot of you are :). Did we meet our goals, where did we fall short, what are things that maybe became less important as the year went by?? All good questions. I love having this space to share some of these things with you – it’s great accountability. So, I copied and pasted my goals that I shared at the beginning of this year (in the black print), and I am sharing how we did with them (in the green print below).
Personal Goals
*Continue with improving fitness!
Not too bad with this one. Definitely made improvements, but still have room for improvement, especially in the area of consistency.
*Work on eating healthier. I have a problem with unhealthy snacking. I say it’s a hazard of working from home. Ha!
The snacking has gotten better. I really stopped as much as I could. Aside from those lovely hormonal days that I want to eat ALL.THE.THINGS. Anybody?? Eating healthier overall is a battle. We have so many habits. So many comfort foods. It’s challenging and sometimes expensive to branch out and try new things. So, I definitely could make more improvements in that area. Any cookbook recommendations welcome!!
*Hospitality. I know this one was on my list last year too. But, since we didn’t make a lot of headway, I’d like to try again. OK?
Another big fat fail on this one. Ugh. I’d like to say that we don’t have people over because we don’t have time. And, yes that is part of it. We are fairly busy a lot of the time with kids activities. But, the truth is it’s just not a priority. Rest is. So, when we are not busy, when we actually have a free night at home, all we want to do is sit and vegetate. So, maybe I need to make smaller, more accomplish-able goals. Like maybe just once a month or something. Hmmm.
Home Goals
*Re-tile kids/guest bath. This bathroom got a mini update a little over a year ago, but tile wasn’t in the budget. I’d love to make this happen this year (and maybe even a new vanity and countertop)
I am happy to report that this got half done at least! The shower tile got a fabulous website in November! Just in the nick of time! The floor and vanity might be coming in the spring.
*Finishing details for master bath.
I have to say, that I have no idea what this means. HAha!  😳 {my number 1 goal for 2018 is to be more specific with my goals} I did a little bit of work in here, but as always, there are other bigger things (like a wall) that I would love to do at some point. So, I’m gonna call it a win…for the most part.
*Finish up painting last bits of trim in the house. (there are still some inconspicuous spots that need to be taken care of 😳 )
Again, about 99% done. Still have some backs of closet doors that haven’t been painted, but hey, no one ever sees those right??
*Landscaping – front and back. I have some big ideas about this. We will see if budget or time allows.
This did not happen. Unless you count cutting back all the bushes in the front. Which, really does count as a step in the right direction. But, that was all that happened in this department. 
Business Goals
*Continue to make this space a place that is inspirational and helpful for you the reader! (new developments coming soon)
I would like to think that the blog gets better each year. As I continue to learn how to use more and more tools to make the user experience a better one, and as I continue to find my voice as a writer.
*Take myself a little more serious (not just a hobby blogger, but a business woman). So hard to do sometimes!
I made big strides with this one as well. Still not where I’d like to be, but my mindset is shifting for sure.
*Still tossing around the idea of an etsy shop. If I can find time to get some things out of my head and into production!
I did open an Etsy shop!! I was going full steam with this and then the holidays hit and I flopped. 🙁 I did not prepare for Christmas far enough in advance, and nothing made it to the shop. Ugh. Oh well, at least I have a head start for next year. 🙂
So basically things went pretty well. I am still trying to figure out how to do all the things I want to do. I am learning what things I can cut out of my day to day to make room for more important things. Something each one of us has to do if we want to grow at all – in business or in life.
Stay tuned for some fun and exciting things coming in 2018!


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