Curb Appeal Update – Progress

We have been doing quite a bit of work outside this spring and summer because, well, if we’re being honest, it’s been neglected. We’ve just been trying to keep it tidy the best we can. But, this year we could wait no longer. Lots of little things have gotten done – maintenance type things – over the past couple of weeks. However, before that we did some serious work that I haven’t showed here yet. We are nowhere near done, but progress is good friends! Just for a reminder this is where we started a year ago. 🙂
The last time I shared about the front of our home here on the blog, was about a year ago when we were beginning the conversation of updating the landscaping and other curb appeal items. You can check out that post here. And then, one day back in the fall I was bored and decided to trim all of the bushes way back, knowing that this would make them easier to remove.
Then, one day this spring I was bored again, and decided to pull out the shovel and start digging. (this picture is a great depiction of the color of the brick – better lighting than the others)
My plan was to get rid of the bush on the right too, but hubby likes it, so for now it’s staying. It sat just like this for months.
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that we had to get a new garage door back in early spring. Our original to the house old wooden door finally bit the dust. Meaning the cable holding it open snapped on one side and we couldn’t open or close it completely without first cutting the cable on the other side. Which then meant we could not open the door at all after that. Awesome.
In shopping for a new door color we discussed our future plans for the rest of the house, and decided on a white garage door.
I bounced around the idea of painting the brick white for a long time, and we were really close to taking the plunge, but to be honest, this is not our forever home and I just really don’t feel like spending the money or time on that project for this house. But, I did decide to paint the trim white from the basic beige that we chose several years ago (which was an improvement for sure from the original hunter green). Here’s a good look of the color of the trim before (ignore the stripes to the left – I was testing the new paint colors).
Here is how everything looks now.
The front door needs some attention. If nothing else the current paint needs to be touched up. I love the color, but I might be ready for a change. Still thinking about that one.
Next steps will be new shutters, new landscaping, and a new mailbox. This little house is cute and unique, but it is falling apart.
At some point we will be removing the large tree in the middle of the yard because it is half dead. We have made several attempts to revive it, but we are no arborists. We will most likely replace it with a tree or two that we like more anyway.
So, there you have it! Progress! We are loving the direction that the curb appeal is headed!! Can’t wait to see it to completion! What are you working on this weekend?? 


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