Another Furniture Makeover – The Kitchen Table

Hey there! So, I have to be honest, I feel like I am jumping the gun sharing this space with you. Considering the tile debacle that we’ve been dealing with. If you don’t know what I’m talking about (shared on Insta) – we had a couple of tiles in our kitchen randomly buckle up last week. We have no idea why – maybe a small earthquake that we experienced that day – who knows. The problem was, when we tried to get the tiles back down, one broke and the other one wouldn’t fit back in it’s place. We’ve had several tiles start to crack lately, so re-tiling was definitely on the list, just not the top of the list, I mean hello, we are in the middle of a ton of outside projects right now. No time to tile. But, alas, we didn’t want this to be a tripping hazard so to the top of the list it went. More about that later when we get it done!! Today, let’s focus on this table.
Breakfast nook with square black table
We bought this table around 10-12 years ago and we have LOVED it. We have six people in our family so our old rectangle table just wasn’t cutting it. It was great just for our family, but if anyone had a guest or two there was nowhere for them to sit. This square table was perfect since we didn’t have room for a longer table. This last year, after my daughter had been away at college for a while, I decided I was done with the huge table, and decided to take out the leaf. Then we were left with this.
Breakfast nook with black table
The rectangle table now works great for our smaller family that is still living here at home! I have loved the black for so long, for so many reasons, however the finish was starting to look a little worse for wear. I decided to strip the top with the plans of staining it.
Amateur DIYer that I am, I didn’t think to check the type of wood that was used to build the table top beforehand, and discovered particle board, much to my dismay.
Plan B here we come! The original plan was to stain the top, paint the legs white, and leave the chairs black. So, I decided to just go ahead and paint the whole table white.
Painted kitchen table
It took some getting used to but I’m happy with the change.
I found these woven placemats at TJMaxx and they really completed the look! They look natural but are actually plastic which is a bonus because they are super easy to clean!
Farmhouse style table makeover
I pulled a galvanized tray, a white pitcher, some greenery, and our regular table necessities (napkins, and salt and pepper), and created our everyday look.
You may notice the new artwork on the wall as well. I bought this large wood sign from Hobby Lobby a few months back and I think it is a nice change from the colorful gallery wall that was hanging there before. 🙂
Farmhouse Style Table Makeover
Well, there you have it! I’ll be back soon with more on the tile story when we get that done. We found a great deal on tile and I’m looking forward to the fresh new floor!

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