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We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Hey friends! As I was sifting through old photographs, looking for pics of my kids when they were little, I came across some pics of our house on move in day. Wow. I remember when we moved in. I was 7 months pregnant = huge, with a 5 year old and a 3 year old in tow. We were adding around 500 sq ft of space for our family with this home, as well as adding a lot of other features our old house didn’t have. Even though a lot of the décor wasn’t to our liking I certainly remember thinking “it’s nice enough that I can live with it for a time”.
Now, almost 16 years later, and our home barely resembles the house we moved into. Not on the inside at least. I thought it would be fun to see some way before, before photos, and some now after photos. Are you ready?? Pardon the poor quality of these old pics – I didn’t edit them and I wasn’t that great with a camera back then. Be sure to click the links to the DIYs of most of the updates!
First up, the entryway.
entryway move in
Everything in this house was peach and hunter green. Even the baseboards in the kitchen, and family room were painted hunter green. 🙄 And oh, the wallpaper board…and wallpaper. Here is what the space looks like now.
updated and more functional entryway
Lighter, brighter, and definitely more up to date, and way more functional.
Next up the view of the fireplace and the surrounding built-ins in the family room.
fireplace and surrounding built-ins before
So. much. brown. Here is the space now.
updated brick fireplace and surrounding built-ins
All the white! (with a little bit of brown and navy) I mean seriously, just imagine all that brown furniture, with that brown carpet, and those brown built-ins. Ugh. So much better white.
The back door…the peach and…
bookd door in family room move in
don’t you love those balloon valances? Anyone remember those?? 😆 And now…
family room update
a little wider view, but you get the idea – much better.
Looking into the breakfast room
breakfast room move in
more wallpaper border, and more peach (it was everywhere – that was their neutral).
Now it looks like this.
breakfast room update
I love this room and all it’s colorful accents.
Next up, the kitchen. In all of it’s brown loveliness.
kitchen before on move in day
And here it is now.
updated kitchen
I really can’t believe I waited so long to paint those cabinets. Well…actually I can, most of those years I waited I had toddlers running around. 😉
Lastly one of my least favorite spaces in our home – our master bathroom sink area, which is open to our bedroom.
master bedroom when we moved in
Yep, more green wallpaper and orangy brown cabinets. I did my best to make it a space I could live with until we have the time and money to close the space in.
Master bedroom updated
Good enough for now. 😀
Well, there you have it! It’s nice to look WAY back every once in a while to make you feel good about all the progress you’ve made. We have thought about moving several times, for a lot of different reasons, but the location is great for our kids. So, we have stayed, and will stay until they are all graduated! And then, who knows! Thanks for walking down memory lane with me today!

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  • Emily

    Such a dramatic transformation!!! I love what you have done with it all!!! I remember my sister picking out peach and navy for our shared room and I cried about it. I never liked the color peach…but I see it is making a comeback! (Not in my house!!) Loved this post!! xox

  • Zan Turner

    It’s nice to look back and see how much you have put into the home. I clicked over to the updated links and wow, so much better. We remodeled our first home and I have before and after photos:(( It was when I first started blogging and I did not even think of the idea. Anyway, love your beautiful home!!

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