Updated Thrift Store Candlesticks

I haven’t blogged about a thrift store update in a while! I got these candlesticks several months ago and they have been sitting in my garage. I had always intended on painting them, but I had just not gotten around to it yet. But, when I started re-styling our built-ins, I found the perfect place for them. They just weren’t the perfect color…at all.
Thrifted candlesticks

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No worries, I can fix that!! I started with a couple of coats of white chalk paint. Which gave me this. Not bad, but not exactly the look I was going for.
White chalk paint used to update thrifted candlesticks
So, I decided to add some brown creme wax. Just a light touch of this and you can see at the bottom of this one, it just warms it up a bit and softens the stark white.
Brown wax over white chalk paint
Here is what I mean by a light touch – brush on a light coat and almost immediately wipe off the excess.
brown wax over white chalk paint
Here is a side by side before and after of with the wax and without.
Before and after adding brown wax
I love the look!! Somewhat beachy don’t you think??
Painted thrifted candlesticks
Such an quick and easy transformation!! Don’t miss out on thrift store finds like this! Look beyond the color and finish of things to the shape and size of them. Paint is your best thrifting friend!! Here’s how one of them looks in it’s new home.
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