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30A Design Inspiration

I shared a few pics on Instagram, along with my sentiments on coastal design, architecture and decor. I love it so much!! And, I am looking for ways to incorporate it into our Oklahoma home.
Coastal Architecture

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I used to think that because I like the beach I needed to fill our home with blues (lots of turquoise), sand and seashells. While I still have several jars of sand, and collections of seashells scattered around the house. I have quickly realized that coastal decor does NOT mean running to Hobby Lobby and buying all the kitchy “beach” decor. These items might be cute in an actual beach home, but not so much in a home in a land-locked state.
Ocean Colors
Beach Inspiration
So, how then?? The last several times we’ve been to the beach I started taking note of the things that do catch my eye. Of course the white sandy beach, and the blue green waves. But also the soft pastel painted cottages, the wooden shutters and doors, the textures and patterns that bring interest to otherwise “plain” spaces. Like the detail on this railing below.
Coastal Architecture
White on white on white can be boring unless you add some texture in there, am I right??
White on White Architectural Design
I have concluded that my greatest design love is white, with accents of black and wood, and lots of texture. Oh, and my love for all things navy blue still runs strong as well.

Coastal Architecture

Here are some different decor items that I think might work well in our new coastal inspired home. Those wood candlesticks went straight into my cart!!
Coastal Decor Ideas
1-Jute Rug / 2-Lamp / 3-Textured White Vase
4-Navy and White Striped Curtains / 5-Wood Candlesticks
6-Navy Blue Side Table / 7-Turquoise Utensils / 8-Wooden Lantern
9-Navy and White Striped Table Runner
I think it’s so fun to bring the outdoors in! Let nature inspire you! Bring the things that catch your eye outside, inside your home by using the same colors, and by mimicking the textures. We should take notes from the greatest creator of all time!! God is the most creative out of all of us! All you have to do is step outside to know that – no matter where you live! His beautiful creation lives all around us!



  • Lisa

    I am totally with you Denise that coastal doesn’t have to be kitchy! (Even though I do have two shell mirrors in our house and a lot of coastal art). I love your idea of adding texture to white on white interiors and exteriors. Also really enjoying your snapshots of 30A, I need to go there!

    • frazzledjoy

      Thanks Lisa! Believe me, I have several bowls, and jars full of sand and seashells that I love and a few pictures of the beach too! Just trying to avoid too many crabs, dolphins, or starfish trinkets. LOL! Definitely would recommend putting 30A on your bucket list of travel destinations!

  • Chloe Crabtree

    So glad I stopped by from over on IG! Isn’t 30A a treat! I went this past weekend to the Southern Living Idea House on Amelia Island, it was coastal and low country without any kitsch!

    • frazzledjoy

      Thank you for clicking over and reading!! Just hopped over to check out your post – what a beautiful home!! What a treat to get to visit!

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