Master Bathroom Vanity Organization

Hey friends! So, I finally started crossing things off my 95% list this week!! Woohoo! First up was the side table makeover that I posted on Tuesday and today I’m sharing with you a little master bathroom vanity organization project that’s been waiting in the wings.
Master bathroom his and her vanity organization
I found these unfinished ‘mirrored’ trays in the dollar spot at Target around Christmas time. I had been on the hunt for trays for our master bathroom vanity for a while now and I thought these would be perfect. They were $5 each which was about the same price I was going to pay for similar unfinished wood trays at Hobby Lobby, but these had the ‘mirror’ and these cute gold handles!
I debated for a while over how I would treat the unfinished wood. Stain or paint, and if paint, what color???
I think now would be a good time to show you our vanity situation before.
Master bathroom vanity
Not bad at all, but if you notice – one basket of products (both mine and my hubby’s) in the corner on the right side, and one towel bar on the right side. My make-up lives in the drawer on the right side, so that is where I am most mornings getting ready. Every so often (maybe two or three times a week) when hubby is getting ready at the same time…we have issues. He’s always reaching across me to get stuff he needs from the basket or for the towel.  🙄 Why I thought it would be smart to put everything on one side I have no idea. At the time when I did this refresh, I only had one towel bar and I was doing it on the cheap…maybe that was then end of it honestly. Budget usually dictates a lot of my decorating decisions. Haha!

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Anywho! Back to the trays. I knew I was planning on re-painting the vanity and maybe changing out the countertop, so I struggled settling on a paint color, and surprise I didn’t want to paint them white. I knew the wood frame around the mirror was staying no matter what – because I love it – so I decided to just stain them. And, I’m so glad I did!! I love the way the stain looks against the mirror and that cute gold handle!
staining supplies
Here’s the stain I used – minwax  Dark Walnut, and y’all know I love me some Polycrylic! 🙂
Don’t they look fabulous!!
Wood mirrored trays stained with dark walnut
Here is how they look in place – her side
Master bathroom vanity organization her side
and his side!
Master bathroom vanity organization his side
And if you notice, I also added another towel bar on his side! I found one at Walmart which was very similar to the one I already had (which I found on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond hence the reason I couldn’t just buy another one that matched).
I’m surprised how much I love it honestly! Who knew such a small change could make me so happy!! Next up is to re-paint the vanity, change out the hardware, and do something about that ugly coutertop. Any budget friendly suggestions welcome!
Side note – it’s really hard to get a picture of a mirrored space straight on unless you want to be in it, and on this particular day I didn’t want to be in it – messy bun, grungy, no make-up day. HAHAHA  😆 Love y’all!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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