Master Bathroom Progress

Happy Tuesday friends! Posting a little later than normal for me because…well, summer. Can I get an amen for sleeping in?? (If you have little that still get up at the crack of dawn…I’m sorry, this too won’t last forever.) I shared a couple of weeks ago my new faux roman shade for our master bath. That project spurred me to finish up this part of our master bath. If you’re new here, you may not know our master bath situation. You can see it here in our master bedroom – yes, yes, that’s right we have what I refer to as a hotel bathroom. Part completely open to the bedroom, part not. The part I’m working on is the tinniest little (smaller than our closet) room that houses our shower and toilet.
tiny master bathroom update
This room was home to the last of the orangey oak in our house (I’m not counting the insides of most of the closets – don’t know if I’ll ever get around to painting those.  :oops:) You can see some of it in the post about the roman shade. (here is the before, before with the boring mini-blind – it’s hard to see the trim, but it’s there and orangey brown)
bathroom window before
This weekend I finally got out my paint and paint brush and got to work painting the trim and the back of the door. (I painted the other side a few years back during my master bedroom one room challenge.)
Here is a look at that same view now. Ahhh, much better.
white trim, walls, roman shade DIY
And a peek at the door and trim.
white trim, door, and walls
Next up is a shelf for that awkward space between the window casing and the toilet. I need a little bit of storage in here for a few necessities, but not too much. Most things are kept in the vanity in the other area of the bathroom.
plans for the master bathroom
I’m also working on some art for that blank space on the wall to the left of the window.
I’ve got a few other areas of touch up to take care of. We recently put in a new exhaust fan and I need to patch and touch up the ceiling around that and a couple of spots on the walls as well. The walls are reading all sorts of colors in these pictures, but they really are the same color as the trim. (Glidden Antique White – I think it looks like marshmallow creme going on the walls)
This room is hardly ever seen by anyone but family, so it has been untouched for so long. It will be nice to give it a little TLC! Things will go a little slower since it’s summer, but I’ll keep you posted!

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