Easy and Inexpensive Napkin Ring Options

Hi there!! I’m currently working on a summer tablescape and as I was putting things together I was trying to choose a napkin ‘ring’ option. I realized that I own ZERO real napkin rings. Everything that I have or that I have used are inexpensive alternatives because I honestly can’t afford new real napkin rings every time I want to set the table, and honestly I like my alternatives better. 😉  So, I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the things I have used over the years! Many may not be new to you, but maybe just one will spark your creativity!
Easy and inexpensive napkin ring alternatives
It all started really with this cute paper tape I found in the target dollar spot, and a paper towel tube.
paper tape and paper towel tube
I cut the paper towel tube in four pieces and started wrapping each piece with the tape in strips.
paper tape and paper towel tube napkin rings
And just a few minutes longer I had these.
DIY paper towel tube napkin rings
Aren’t they cute??
paper towel tube napkin rings DIY
Here are some other easy options that you can DIY with things you might even have at home in your craft stash. (everyone has a craft stash right??)
Jute wrapped around a few times and tied.
jute napkin ring
ribbon napkin ring
Cut a flower stem and create a ring.
flower stem napkin ring DIY
This tinsel garland is fun and festive.
tinsel garland stars
And easy to wrap around to make a sparkly ‘ring’.
tinsel garland napkin ring
These mini grapevine wreaths have been a favorite of mine for a long time. You can usually find them at Christmas time for half off!! Stock up to use year around.
mini grapevine wreath napkin ring
I hope you took away at least one new idea!! Haven’t set a pretty table in a while? Do it tonight!! You don’t need a special occasion! Everyday is a blessing and a gift.

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