Summers Are Fleeting

I know, I know, you’re probably confused. You’re probably thinking “huh?? summer is just starting”. And, yes you’re right it is. But…how many summers to you have left with all of your kiddos?? The Nester wrote a post about this several years ago. It hit me right in the heart, and it continues to be true as each year passes and the summers become fewer and fewer.
I love summer
If I’m being honest, last summer was our last summer with all the kiddos home for the whole summer. This year, our oldest will be here for a TOTAL of 2-3 weeks. He will land late tonight, be here for about a week, and then head to California for a 10 week internship. Then back home for a couple of weeks and then back to Boston for his senior year of college. Beyond that he will be graduating, getting married, and moving wherever he finds a job. So there’s that. At least I have them all for a week or two this summer.
summertime! kids and dad
Next summer will be another story as well. I already mentioned that the boy would be gone, but the girl is already planning to stay in Arkansas and take summer classes next summer. So, we will stay just the four of us – me and hubby, and the ‘little’ boys.
summer shopping with the college kids
Beyond that we only have another six summers (if I include them coming home from college, if not then only three). I know that might sound like a lot, but time moves SO quickly once they hit high school! If you have young ones right now and don’t believe me, (I know, I didn’t either) trust me it does.
Our last kiddo is headed to high school next year!
So, all that to be said, if I seem a little quiet here on the blog it’s because I’m doing the more important thing and making memories with my kiddos. I still have a good long list of projects and ideas, and I will still be working. Because, to be honest, they don’t need much of me now that they’re older…and they have their own plans and aren’t always around anyway. 😆
Summer vacation!
Please stick with me friends!! How many summers do you have left?? Make sure and give yourself permission to take time with your kiddos. They won’t be around all the time forever, but the laundry will…and so will the dirty dishes. 🙄

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