Craft Closet New and Improved

Hey friends! Happy Monday! My kids are back in school (all but the big one who’s here for two more weeks  😉 ). That means more time for projects and blogging! Have you missed me? I’ve missed you!
I shared my craft closet with you a little while back, and my plans to improve it and organize it in a way that would not require a regularly scheduled clean-out.  😳 Here is the condition of the closet after the last operation organization.
Craft closet
Here is the condition of the closet right before I cleaned it out again this time.  😳
Messy craft closet needs some organization solutions
And here it is now!! (I apologize for the not so great pictures. As you can see this space is very small and the lighting is terrible, so I did the best I could.)
Small craft closet organization
You can see that it is not a big space at all. It is a mere hall closet, and it needs to hold a lot of stuff. It wasn’t bad before, but there was quite a bit of wasted space and it always ended up stuffed and cluttered.
Craft closet makeover - cleaning out the space
I cleaned it all out, hubby helped me add a couple more shelves, I painted the inside of the door and then I started filling it back up. I used some new storage techniques to make the things I use most often easier to get to. I’m a visual person, so having things in plain sight helps me a lot and keeps me from getting too frustrated! {organization is good for the soul friends}
The door organization and the fabric storage are two of my favorite things! I love being able to just see and grab exactly what I need!! Yes, that is a shoe organizer holding some of my smaller, and most used, and random craft supplies!
Craft storage and organization using a shoe organizer
Before, these shelves were crowded and crammed with stuff about to fall in the floor. Not to mention not being able to open the drawers below.
Craft closet makeover before - crammed with stuff
Now the shelves are neatly organized and holding my fabric. The fabric is rainbow sorted on the top shelf, as is the ribbon in the shoe cubbies. The bottom shelf of fabric is what I have pulled for the current season.
fabric storage and organization
As well as more craft supplies in clear containers.
Craft supply organization with clear containers
And guess what?? You can open the drawers now!! (Those fabric baskets are easy to grab and move out of the way. As opposed too ALL the stuff that was in there before.) Gift bags, gift boxes, and tissue paper are kept in the drawers on this side.
There was so much wasted space in the top of the closet. You can see a little bit of that in this before pic.
craft closet makeover before - wasted space up top
The shelves hubby helped me build out of our scrap wood pile are used for storing things that I don’t use often, but that I don’t want out in the garage (where the rest of my crap stuff lives).
seasonal deocr storage
home decor storage
All of my sewing supplies are grouped together and organized.
sewing supplies and craft supply organization
Sewing and craft supply organization
I even have a little bit of empty space – unlike before!! 😮  (sneak peek of fall stuff for the shop  😉 )
craft closet makeover before - no empty space
As you may have noticed, this closet has also houses our gift wrapping supplies. But, these wall storage containers are new since the last time. You might recognize them since this is not a new idea. Haha! They are actually plastic bag dispensers from Ikea! They work great and they keep those bulky rolls of wrapping paper out of the way.
Wrapping paper storage using Ikea bag dispensers
I’m pleased with the improvements and I think the organization should serve me well!! The only thing missing in here now is a light – I’m on the hunt for a solution for a dark space with no available electricity. Any ideas??
Oh, and in case you missed it — fall things are now available in my Etsy shop! Be sure to stop by and see what fall decor you might find! If you want to know first when new things hit the shop, be sure to follow me on instagram or facebook.
Here are a few sources for some of the items I used to organize with.

Some affiliate links used for your convenience. See disclosures for more details.

12 Quart storage containers (medium sized)
Shoe box sized storage containers
3 Drawer storage
Small 3 drawer storage



  1. Denise this post is inspiring me to go tackle some highly neglected closets in my house today! Your organized fabric and a place for everything is so good!!

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