Craft Closet Organized {and labeled}

A while back I shared with you this horrifically, embarrassing photo of the closet at the end of my hall.  I use this closet to store a variety of different things.  Mostly crafty stuff, but also wrapping stuff and of course my vacuum cleaner :).

I finally got up the nerve to clean. it. out.  Because it was ridiculous people.  I could barely open the door without fear of something tumbling out (except that I am pretty good at piling stacking things).  After an entire day, that may or may not have included a moment or two of despair and wanting to give up, this is what I now see when I open the door…

Hall closet used for craft storage

Do you hear the angels singing??  I do!!

I know it might not look like much – but let me remind you again where we started.  

Cramped hallway closet full of stuff

So, here’s how this thing went down.  First, as with all organizing/purging projects, I emptied all of the contents from the closet…into my hallway.

Cleaning out the closet

Wow.  That’s a. lot. of. stuff people.  This was when I had a brief fit of despair and desperately wanted to run away screaming.  (But, I knew my hubby would not be pleased if he came home to see all of this all over the hall.)  So…I dove in.

sorting the craft supplies

I sat right there in the corner and sorted through it all.

I was not really interested in purchasing any new storage for this closet at this time (no spend September), so I just used what I had on hand.  Some of it I was already using in there, and some things got switched around.  When we finished our garage project, I inherited the small drawers to use in here and they are perfect for my sewing tools and notions.

sewing notions organized in small plastic drawers

When it was all clean and pretty, I again pulled out my go to chalkboard vinyl and started cutting labels.  I decided to just keep it simple and cut rectangles, since I had a variety of shapes and sizes to label.  I labeled most everything – even some of the obvious stuff ;).  

craft supplies organized in plastic tubs
craft supplies organized in plastic tubs
craft supplies organized in plastic tubs
gift wrap supplies organized in large clear plastic drawers
Smaller seasonal decor items stored in plastic tubs
Sewing supplies organized

There are still a few things I would like to tweak, and I still would like to add another shelf or two up high, but for now it is definitely a breath of fresh air when I open the door.  

This was my pile for donation and trash when I was finished  🙂

purging the craft closet

Cross another project off the list!!  Blessings to you and happy organizing!!

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