Cable Knit Letter Ornaments

I’ve got a great Christmas craft for you today! I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but if you are wanting to craft anything for Christmas then you need to get started. So, we’re not going to mention that again, mkay? mkay! Haha!! 😆 Now, on to the craft!
Cable Knit Letter Ornament

Cable Knit Letter Ornaments

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I love letter ornaments, don’t you?? There are such a great gift to give. Even on the outside of a package! To make this one I started with a white cable knit sweater that I picked up at Goodwill for $4, a chipboard letter – that was 50% off at Hobby Lobby, making it 50 cents, and some black and white gingham ribbon (also 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week – $1). You will also need hot glue and Mod Podge.
Supplies for cable knit letter ornament.
First things first, cut your ribbon of choice to length for the ornament hanger. I simply hot glued the ends to the letter. One end to the front of the letter and the other end to the back.
Attach ribbon to letter first so you have something to hang the ornament with.
Next, cut out a square of the cable knit from the sweater, a little bit larger than your letter.
Cut a square of sweater or other fabric a little large than your letter.
Then, you want to coat one side of the letter with the Mod Podge (you could use any kind of craft glue you had on hand, just as long as it’s not too thick, Mod Podge is just what I had and it worked great). Then position your cable knit square on the letter.
Press down well to make sure the fabric adheres, and then trim off the excess around the letter. This part can be a little tricky depending on the letter you are doing, but not too difficult. After all, I wasn’t going for perfect.
Trim excess fabric from letter
Trim excess fabric from letter
Repeat those steps with the other side of the letter and there ya go! You have a cute ornament! I opted to leave the edges of the chipboard plain, but you could certainly paint them if you wanted to.
Cable Knit Letter Ornament
I love a cute inexpensive craft don’t you?? I was able to use the sweater for several ornaments so really this one came in around $2 each!! Perfect!



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