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We’re Back!!

Hey there friends!! I had no intention of taking such a long bloggy break!! I have missed it! Hubby and I took the family on a somewhat spontaneous vacation last week (if you are following on Instagram you may have already seen that), and I returned to a l.o.n.g. list of things to do in the next three weeks before my girlie moves in to college! {insert mini but frequent freak out moments here}

We headed east toward the beach. We took an evening in Charleston that included a yummy seafood dinner, an afternoon in Savannah with a sandwich lunch at the cutest soda shop, dinner with friends in Birmingham (local BBQ followed by a local ice cream shop stop), and a visit to the Memphis zoo, all mixed in with a few days at the beach at Hilton Head Island. The sea salt air always does me good.

We’ve never done this much “touring” with our family before. But, now that the kids are older we felt like they could handle it. They were champs! We were all exhausted but it was all a lot of fun!

I love summer! The laid back lazy days all roll together and it’s wonderful…but I eventually start craving a bit of order. However, August is a month that will make you lose your mind if you have kids! There are just not enough hours in a day for all.the.things! And there is certainly not enough stretch in the budget for all.the.things$$ Ha! Am I right? You know I’m right!!

I’m doing all I can to hold onto and enjoy these last few weeks!!

Here is a sampling in picture form from the week! I hope to be back soon with some fun projects for you, but honestly things are C.R.A.Z.Y. up in here right now! We are crossing things of our list everyday, but more things keep being added!! 😯




There was inspiration everywhere. These quaint private gardens (which we totally snooped on), and these beautiful wood doors (makes me want to strip and stain ours 😉 )

charleston charleston

Hilton Head Island

hilton head island hilton head island

One of the days we witnessed a beautiful storm off the coast, complete with several water spouts coming down and going back up in the clouds. Very cool.

 hilton head isalnd



Cobblestone streets lined with mossy oaks…need I say more?


The ceiling on that porch – love, and the seashells in the sidewalks were a nice touch.


Memphis Zoo

memphis zoo memphis zoo memphis zoo

Here’s hoping you enjoy every last morsel of your summer! From our family to yours!!

family vacation

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