Tired Of Feeling Stuck

Have you ever felt stuck?  Stuck in a house? Stuck in design?  Stuck in organizing?  I did.  

Sometimes when I feel stuck I tend to just throw my hands up and say “whatever” or “nevermind” or “I give up”.  That’s where I was with this house. 

My hubby and I had been casually checking real estate listings, but really we knew it would have to be “that house” if we were going to go through the effort of moving.  

And then, “that house” came up.   

And we put in an offer.

We got our house ready to sell.

During the holiday season.

And we waited.

Of course the other contract had a 6 month contingency on it – we had to sell our house first. 

The contingency ran out.

We had not even a bite.

The sellers would not renew.

Game over.

We pulled the sign in our yard.

And then, something just clicked inside of me.  I knew “that house” was going to be hard to find and attain.  So, why in the world was I waiting??Why wasn’t I enjoying and maximizing the blessing that was before me??  

And the change began.  Change from stuck house to a functional and pleasing house for MY family.

Maybe you are in the same place.  Are you waiting for the next best thing??  In the process of waiting are you missing what’s right in front of you??  Walk with me this month and I hope to help you find JOY in the here and now of your home.  

This is our right now home and it works perfectly for OUR family (well, most of it ;)).

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  1. So good you came to a place of contentment. We wanted to move for so long. Had 3 offers fall through before it finally went through. We learned a lot about patience.

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