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Figuring Out The Root of The Problem

So, here we are.  We have pulled the sign in the yard, and I have decided that I am no longer going to feel “stuck” in the house, but I was going to make this house our home. Sadly we had lived here for 10 years before I made this decision…  🙁
I wasn’t quite sure where to start.  But, I knew that there were places in our home that just weren’t working for our family.  Reasons I was feeling stuck.
So, hubby and I began to discuss that.  We began to look around and take note of the problem areas – you know the ones – the ones that drive you crazy!!  Ya, like this
Or this
There were many more, these were just a couple of examples.  Some of them we realized were function problems.  The space simply didn’t function like we needed it to.  For instance, with the entryway.  There really wasn’t a landing place that was big enough for six people to drop bags, and shoes, and coats.  
Other spaces were more form (aesthetic) problems.  Like the laundry room.  I didn’t have a problem getting the laundry done in the space really, but I hated being in there because it was a lifeless space.
Are you feeling stuck??  Are you not enjoying the blessing before you that is your home??  If so, walk through this process with me this month, day by day.
Step 1:  Evaluate your problem spaces – the ones that drive you crazy.  Decide what’s not working and why.  Is it a function issue or a form issue.
That’s it for today – not too hard right??  
See you back here tomorrow :).

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  • Lisa @ Shine Your Light

    Denise I love the topic you chose to write about and look forward to reading more. I feel stuck! I am very grateful for the roof over our heads but I definitely want to change the function and form of different areas, some which take money I don't have to spend on such things right now! I look forward to following along with you and maybe changing my perspective a bit!

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