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Patio Reveal!!

I am finally ready to reveal our patio and call it complete!! This has definitely been a process that has taken way longer than I would like. It’s finally done and it’s 100+ degrees outside, but hey, fall will be here soon and we will again be able to sit outside without melting. It all started here with some dreaming. Some things came to be and others not so much. The yard still needs some help in the landscaping department – all in good time.

So, no more waiting, no more teasing – here it is!!
Lots of pictures coming your way!!

At day…

Organizing the pool stuff happened last summer and is still working great! 

At dusk…

At night…

The poles for the lights are not straight, I know. It bugged me for a couple of days, and then, not so much. I’m thinking a fire-pit in front of the sectional might round out that seating area this fall. I cannot even begin to describe how happy the lights make me!!  Really how happy it all makes me. If you remember from this previous post, this corner was currently unused and now with the new and improved sectional it is used daily (and nightly with the addition of the lights). So happy to have a space where our family can gather to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

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