5 Things To Make Back To School Easier For Moms

Maybe your kids have already started back to school, or maybe you have a couple more weeks. Here they start tomorrow. After a summer of slothing around I’m looking forward to a schedule, but thinking about all the things that are going to be on the schedule kinda freaks me out a bit. Over the past couple of years I have put a few things in place that have seriously made my life easier and more peaceful.

First up is organizing school supplies and school papers (you know the ones that come home that are too awesome to throw out).

1. Organization for school supplies and papersIn our entryway closet (for lack of a better place) we have this

The tower of drawers on the left holds various school/office supplies and the kids keepsakes for the year (the top drawers). The crate to the right holds more school/office supplies. I love this because they have learned where to find things they need all. on. their. own. Major mom win!

A place for everything and everything in its place.

3. Family Calendar – I hang large monthly calendars here in our kitchen

I attempted at one time to color coded but that was just too much for me, so I just write the person’s name by their activity. It helps a lot to see it out in the open.

I pre-bag snacks so I can just grab and go. This way the only thing that I have to make is sandwiches. (Yes, we could go healthier, but hey it’s just one meal, and how much do they really eat anyway??)

5. Meal Planning – This is a total life saver when I do it – here is what my meal plan looks like

Basic, but it works. This year I am planning to kick this one into high gear by adding some homemade freezer to crockpot meals. I tend to buy frozen dinner things that I can throw in the oven on a busy day. But, I know some of these aren’t that healthy. I love to use my crockpot but I don’t always have time in the morning for the prep work. I have pinned some great sources on my pin board with a great variety of recipes. I printed a bunch out for myself and I am making my grocery list! 

I hope these ideas help stream-line some of the necessary chaos that comes with the school year! Happy learning everyone!

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