Organized Media

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my DIY DVD organizing tabs. Well, I thought you might want to see what they looked like paired with some other organizational helps in our cabinet where we store our media.

Organized media cabinet

You can see that I purchased three of these cute fabric wrapped boxes from Target, and made some more tabs for our CD collection.


I also made some simple tags to label the two boxes that are being used right now – one for CD’s and one for DVD’s (colored coordinated of course).

Organized music and movies

The third box is for overflow and growth.  😉

CD and DVD boxes for organized storage

The boxes are sitting on a ‘shelf’ that I bought in the kitchen department (also at target). I would love to build shelves in this cabinet, but there is not a lot to anchor them to. This was an easy and inexpensive solution to my organizational challenge that was this cabinet. Here is was before.  😯

messy media cabinet before

The black box holds our precious complete “Friends” collection.  😀  And, there are a couple of miscellaneous movies stacked on the bottom left – wedding ‘tape’, movies that belong to my big kids, and our workout videos.

Organized media storage cabinet

Organizing a space does two things:

1} Makes the space more appealing to look at (who would want to open that cabinet door before)

2} Makes the space easier to use (I could never find what I was looking for before)

Organizing a whole house can be overwhelming. My advice – one space at a time. Sometimes, even just one cabinet or drawer will boost your mood and motivate you to move on to organizing the next space!!

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