Hey There!

Hey there! Just popping in to say “Hi”! Sorry to disappear on you like that! We have been busy with some fun family stuff (and some not so fun). When I last posted it was the beginning of spring break….how ya doin

On that Monday, our youngest had a solo bicycle wreck that led us to the emergency room for what we assumed was a broken leg. Thankfully, it was not broken, just a muscle contusion (bruise) right at the top of his leg near his hip. It is two and a half weeks later and he is still on crutches, unable to put much weight on his leg. We are all a little frustrated that the recovery isn’t moving faster, but we know that God has everything under control.


Needless to say, the rest of our spring break was quiet and restful and I spent most of my time caring for my boy. (love being a mom 🙂 )

Last week hubby and I took a little trip and surprised our college boy while he was with his baseball team on Spring Break. It was awesome to see his face, spend time with him, and watch him play some ball. Such a blessing, and he was soooo surprised!!


When we got back from our trip it was girlie’s turn! She and I headed south with some of her friends and their moms for a weekend of eating, laughing, and trying on lots of pretty dresses (for her, not me 😉 ).


I have had a couple of days to rest, and time to do laundry, and I am ready to get back to working on some projects! How were your spring breaks? I hope to be back soon to share some recent projects!


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