My Experience With Coupons

I have tried several times, with great intentions, to clip coupons.  And, every. single. time. I have failed (whichs means I quit). Mostly because I’m too lazy, but partially because I really want instant gratification – I want to save $100 my first time out – and I just don’t think it works that way.  Or, at least, it’s never worked that way for me.

Maybe you coupon, and maybe it’s the greatest thing for you, and to that I say bravo!!  You go girl!!  But for me, I just can’t seem to make it worth my effort.  I’m sure, as the experts will tell you, if I were to work at it for a time it would pay off.  Any experienced couponer – whether big or small – will tell you it takes time.  And folks, I’ve told you I am not a patient person.  

Also, I don’t buy name brands for the most part.  I have always bought generic or off brand when I can, so there’s that.  

For my family I find that shopping for groceries takes quite a bit of time anyway, without coupons.  ๐Ÿ™‚  We (yes, we – my sweet hubby almost always goes with me) make a morning of it and hit three stores in one area – Aldi, Sams, and Walmart.

There are four men/boys in my family who must have meat, and lots of it – so we shop at Sams for that and a few other breakfast and lunch convenience items.  I know I could probably save a bit on some of those things by making them myself and I am working towards that :).

If you have an Aldi in your area and you haven’t tried it out before – GO!!  I steered clear of it for years, because it was small, there was hardly anyone ever there, and you have to pay a quarter for your cart and bag your own groceries!!  Well, I am now an Aldi convert.  I LOVE this place!!  

If you refuse to buy off-brand than Aldi may not be for you, but I can tell you that just because the label is different means nothing.  Many of their products are manufactured in the same factory as the name brand stuff, and just labeled differently for Aldi.  I am shocked every time I go there – even still and I have been shopping there for over three years – when the cashier gives me my total.  What would have cost me $200+ at Walmart or any other discount grocer, even with coupons, cost me $100 or less at Aldi!!  No joke, every time!!

I shop Walmart last, because there are a couple of things that I am still a brand snob about, and a few things that I can’t find at Aldi.  

I do need to clarify that I love coupons I receive for some of my favorite clothing, shoe, or department stores – those I most definitely use!!

I am not saying couponing is bad, I’m just saying I’m not any good at it :).  If you are interested in couponing, Ruth has a wonderful step-by-step guide on how to get started and do it right.

Anybody else out there love Aldi??!!??

Blessings and Peace!!


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